That feeling wearing your original glasses

Fun fact, I tried putting on my -5s today (the ones I used to wear for four years no problems) and got immediate gag reflex and a sense of psychological confusion for like an hour afterwards. Something really primal is going on there with that level of overcorrection. Aaaaaaanyway, just an anecdote and it’s all a scam

Pretty much this, the effect feels stronger than taking some over the counter drugs and the queasiness is real for a long time, just after like 10-20s of wearing those -5s, if I’m even keeping my eyes open for half of that.

I must be the most brainwashed EMer ever, right? Because I’m still -5 according to the optometry industry (:thonking:). I remember letting my friends try my -5 glasses on for a joke and none of them kept it on for more than like 2 seconds for a reason.


What’s it like? Just AWFUL.
My opto has just advised me against wearing my original glasses. No jokes.


Who’s up for compiling a hitlist of all the optometrists who, independent of their own prejudice, has given us consistently lower diopter correction results over a period of time? According to the industry, they’re probably all negligent after all. And the sun revolves around the Earth :roll_eyes:

(sarcasm, don’t bash optometrists, bash the industry)

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And the opposite: Study: "Failure To Discuss Myopia Control, Verging On Negligent" - Endmyopia® - Understanding Nearsightedness


Short list.

I did this. Once. Puke inducing, but no afteraffect.