The Atlantic: "The Great American Eye-Exam Scam"

This article in The Atlantic, slap in the face of retail optometry. :heart:

“Why is it so difficult to get a new pair of glasses or contacts in this country? It’s easier pretty much everywhere else.”

THIS is what we need. This kind of reporting exposes retail optometry, it puts the first cracks in the foundation of their narrative.

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This stuff matters. If you take even a minute, your voice adds to the overall NO MORE of this whole myopia nonsense.


Reddit /optometry already freaking out about it. :smiley:


And here’s a rebuttal by Barbara L. Horn, O.D.President, American Optometric Association.

What I wonder is whether Mr. Mounk is aware of the results of research and of EndMyopia’s record that bode against the use of correction as dictated by the Optometric Association – that in fact, correction as dictated by the Optometric Association’s standards are detrimental to visual health?

This stuff drives me bonkers! Note she focuses on how lack of eye health is bad, but doesn’t address why you can’t get a fricken pair of glasses in the U.S.

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Sent Yascha Mounk the following email:

Thank you very much for defending one’s freedom to purchase corrective lens. The American Optometric Association’s rebuttal does not address your thesis but brings up the idea of government supervision over visual health. That argument ignores the fact that any government supervision is the adherence to bureaucratic rules that are superficial but yet insidious and detrimental to functioning of life. And it ignores the fact of a person’s right to understand research such as that on “lens induced myopia” and to adapt findings from such research to the improvement of his own vision, as has been done by Jake Steiner – refer and

Thanks again for your efforts,


Well done! Let’s get Jake out there.


That’s really the thing. The Internet, and being able to voice your opinions in a way that adds up.

Definitely still waiting for us to get to that point. :joy:

A fine read - thanks for sharing the link!

I was perusing an optometrist forum and someone was asking about doing the eye test in a light vs dark room for some specific part of the eye test. The response was make the room as dark as possible for pretty much all of the test. The person even advised the poster to paint the wall around the projector screen a dark color. They said the darkness stops the eye’s accommodation. And it narrows the depth of focus to make it easier to choose the proper lens power. The only downside the person mentioned is that it tends to cause overcorrection of -.25 diopter.

A lot of that sounds really familiar to an Endmyopia user. :grinning:

The main part of the original post was that the optometrist only had 3.25 meter distance from the customer chair to the eye chart due to room size constraint and was asking for diopter calculation advice. Also the poster was concerned about excess accommodation at that distance.

And yeah, can’t have the customer using accommodation or anything! Fortunately, they didn’t seem too concerned about over minus. (Sarcasm totally intended)

I didn’t post the website in case it was inappropriate on our awesome forum.


Perhaps appropriate enough for all of us to have a good eye roll :roll_eyes:.
But I believe you, so don’t bother with the link :grinning:

Oh I think I know which optometrist forum.

The most hilarious part is “by 0.25 diopter”.

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‘But you will grow into them’, they will reassure you. Yes, you will!