The best laid EM plans of kittens... after an opto visit

My EM plan for this year:
Target: Get an official measurement to confirm that I’m legally allowed to drive without glasses. I.e. my uncorrected visual acuity is better than 20/40 or 0.5 confirmed by an opto in a dark room. :muscle:
Target date: September 2021
(After lots of sunshine and outdoor hiking in the summer giving me gains but before the return of the nonstop screen time and the gloomy rainy season. A cunning plan on the timing :wink:)

Current situation:
Going mostly without any corrections, fairly clear vision but not 20/20 anytime. There’s an obvious change in vision under different lighting conditions.
Recent vision affecting circumstances: lots of screen time, lots of stress, little sleep, horrible weather.

Walked past an opto shop this morning and saw the sign that they could take walk-in patients, too. So I quickly walked in before I could change my mind.
Idea: I get measured now and this way I will know what the gap is to the target so I can work on my eyesight accordingly.

Opto confirmed uncorrected acuity of 20/33 with binocular vision.
(Edit: this is half way between driving without glasses legally = 20/40 and having a close to average emmetropic level of clarity = 20/20)
Ended up in a situation of the opto telling me that there was absolutely no need to wear glasses in general, but recommending to have a cheap minimum correction with me for those times when I would catch myself squinting or had a headache.

And now:
Original EM plans for 2021 now cancelled :blush:
This unexpected result on the back of an ad-hoc measurement left me totally flabbergasted!!!


Oh sure rub it in!! :joy:
All seriousness though good for you! And you sure did that right by just deciding on the fly and not having to mess with all the anxiety leading up to that appointment. And now by the time you get to your original target in September you might even be pushing 20/25! Very happy for you. :blush:


Was intended purely as inspirational/ motivational “rubbing in” :blush:


Nice click bait title too @gemilymez will approve :grin:


I love this so much!!!
Eeeeeeep! Stoked for you!


Is this a giggly girls happy thread or can guys stop by too? :wink: congrats! Glad it works for so many people


Amazing news!! Definitely inspirational. I have this target for, let’s say, 2024 :smile:


Mine is about there too, though winter plateaus might mean shifting that up even more…


Congratulations @BiancaK … Had to read the post thrice to understand that you were sharing good news. This title …


Well, congratulations are in order! Very nice surprise indeed.


Thank you all for celebrating with me :pray:

@gemilymez , your recent video about the opto visit and @Mickypenna ’s video helped me push myself through that dreaded door to the opto’s dark den…

You never know when and how you influence or help someone :blush:
Thank you


I don’t have any target - I am not locked on EM as well. Just my two cents.

Amazing!!! Any success story gives me motivation. I hope to get to the same result… sooner or later :blush:
Happy that my experience can “help” someone. Thank you for appreciation.


Bianca your results are very exciting for me. I am just about there too. In bright light I am able to clear up double vision easily. So much so that I am driving without glasses in bright light and able to read signs fine. This is just mind blowing for me. I never thought I’d get here! It’s been about 3 years since I started with EM at about -2.5. I am definitely not 20/20, maybe not quite 20/40 but close. I want to be able to see people’s faces clearly in dim light and I cannot. But I know I’ll get there. One question at this point, it feels like it’s just as hard for me to clear up double vision with my -.75 glasses as with none at all, so I rarely wear them. Good idea or bad idea?


Well done on your gains so far. :blush:

This is not EM, this is me: I have this theory that latest with the last diopter it is not only your dominant eye improving faster than your non-dominant eye, but also maybe some parts of each eye improve faster than the other parts creating temporary astigmatism (until the rest of the eye catches up). It is a cyl that is impossible to measure for yourself. Especially as it tends to change axis.

I’d recommend taking the courage and get a measurement from an opto. Go there without glasses and just say that you are not wearing glasses / you haven’t been wearing glasses since you lost them a couple of years ago so you get a measurement without history. Just do the measurement part as you would have done it before EM, let them measure you for tired night driving with overcorrection.
You’ll get an awful prescription. Don’t buy their glasses with their prescription. Just take a look at the result and it will suggest why the 0.75D doesn’t give you more clarity than the no corrections.
Most probably you’ll see a bigger gap between the eyes or a significant cyl value. Or simply a much higher sph value. This opto measurement will help you with the trouble shooting. Maybe you’ll need some glasses for the evenings for a while that are half way between no corrections and the full opto corrections.

Alternatively you can keep stepping up until the DV disappears in dim light, too. And then alternate wearing glasses in the evening with not wearing corrections, and then gradually decrease back again but without the DV. If the DV doesn’t disappear and especially if you have the DV within one eye, you may have higher (more than -0.5D) temporary cyl. Then the most efficient is to rebuild your eyes’ full range of motion. E.g. I work with 2 monitors next to each other and I also play music and keep looking downwards to the left. So my eyes have a good range of motion horizontally. When I’m outdoors I keep changing focal planes between far and near. So that’s good, too. But I never look upwards, if I do, I move my head, too. So the up and down doesn’t have the full range of motion. And this habit lingers around in form of a cyl changing strength and axis, but always between 90 and 110 degrees.

Hope this gives you some ideas


This is also not part of EM as far as I know, but you might try some of the vision therapy stuff and see if it helps your double vision any. If you look online for stereograms or autostereograms you can find images to work with. Fusing double images is something you (and your brain) can get better at with practice.

They have a lot of exercises that involve crossing or uncrossing the eyes and generating a complete image from partial images.

I don’t know if that would help you any but it seemed to be helpful to me. It’s kind of fun. Also, if you haven’t checked your blood sugar in a while, I’d check it and make sure nothing strange is going on. I got diagnosed as Type 1 diabetic (not producing any insulin at all) and before I was diagnosed I was getting some very mild double-vision. Probably not an issue for you, but just something you might as well rule out. It’s a pretty common symptom in pre-diabetes or undiagnosed diabetes. (It’s also very common in people here who are improving their eyesight, so I don’t mean to freak you out!)

Anyway, double vision seems to be one of those things like blur that you can learn to clear up by habit with a little practice.

You might also try some of those magic eye images. (Random dot autostereograms) They can be kind of frustrating and fascinating at the same time. :slight_smile:

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