The Boramaenun. Eye recovery glasses?

What the scooby doo is going on in the above video?

Those are the Astigmatism app people. Basically, they’re doing reduced lens therapy, only with a special device. It allows you to dial in less than your prescription and do something like watch TV or “eye exercise” for a period of time daily.

I don’t know how efficient it is since the patient has to go back to their regular glasses until the next treatment.

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Witness the need to monetize good ideas (by making the complicated), in action. :joy:

Why does shampoo and soap have 30 zillion ingredients? Why can’t we have a decentralized Internet? Why … anything that’s so fundamentally simple, being made all voodoo complicated?

Also on the flip side, people just LOVE complicated (or voodoo) answers to problems.


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