The cold hard truth plus myopia level halved in a year

I have a confession to make. I started endmyopia with -3.00 diopters a year ago and now after having been recently tested, I have a -1.5 diopter level. Sounds good right? No. You could not be more wrong. The optometrist said they don’t know what causes myopia. I asked them about axial elongation and they said it only happens in kids. I asked about wearing full distance correction for closeup but they said it’ll only give you a headache. They also stated vision improvement is impossible. Even though my myopia halved itself in a year, I know they are right. Are you saying that all the training the optometrick did and qualifications she received are bogus? How dare you! They are surrendering 5 minutes of their precious time to test your distance to blur and charge you a 3000 percent markup in lenses. They deserve our money. Especially considering the fact that they will blind, I mean help your kids for free. After all they went through, is this how you repay them? You are all ungrateful and don’t appreciate the sacrifice these hard working crooks, I mean angels, had to make. Even though my results show improvement, I know the optician is right. As God says in the bible “thou shalt not criticise thy optometric overlords”. Please, abandon the blasphemous ways of endmyopia and save your soul! Repent before you are doomed. It is with a heavy heart that I say, I must check myself into a pyschiatric ward until I am rehabilitated. Even Jesus wore glasses!!!



haha, glad to see that you are not mocking these poor optometrists with mere sarcasm, I mean after all they have done for your eyes!

on a serious note: I think they are just taught wrong, not really their fault most of the time. Though I still remember my optician telling me in my teens with cocky self-confidence how my myopia is purely genetic and will continue to get worse…now it’s like “screw your pure genetic explanation, biiiiyaaaatch!” :smiley:


Yeah. I guess that’s true. I only wrote this after visiting maybe 6 or 7 optometrists and they all said the same thing, causing me to really be disappointed in how most optometrists operate. How could they not know what 50 years of their own literature is saying? (some not all) They’re either taught poorly or are purposefully deceiving their customers. Who knows?


@Selman, I think you have every right to be angry. After all, I am very certain the Bible also mentions something about sheep gone astray. And once one starts in one direction, the rest of them blindly follow, even if it means falling in the ravine and breaking their necks.
I went through this too, and I am still angry at times with the stupidity of people that brought me to -11D equivalent. Oh yeah, on my first 1D drop they told me it was my age. (way to go to make a girl feel special)

But stop and think how many people like you do you think these optometrists see every day/week/month/year? 1, 2 if that many?? They will treat you like an outlier, not a possibility for change. They need to see more cases like you. And they need their insurance to buy into this too, otherwise they will lose their livelihood. Medical school debit, families, loans, etc??

What I am saying, take time to vent your frustration, and eventually let it go. Stress is not good for the eye :innocent:
Spread the word, as much as people allow you to. Takes special training to herd the sheep from falling blindly in the canyon. Do you part, like Jackey over here has been doing for us. One at a time - save them one at a time. And a 2x4 board shall not be part of your arsenal :crazy_face:

OK, I can continue with Bible quotes all day long, but I think you get the point already. :star_struck:.


Thanks for the advice SeeTheLight! I know stress is not good for me. I guess this forum functions as a form of therapy. The sheep being led astray is a great analogy. It is true that I am an outlier but the reason I am an outlier is because a crooked system like this was constructed in the first place. I believe (and this is pure speculation on my part), that business minded individuals saw how profitable myopia could be and created a practice that primarily favours profitability, with the wellbeing of people being an afterthought. I think lens manufacturers started out with the intention of making as much money as they possibly can, and this invariably affected the trajectory of the way glasses are prescribed today. If optometrists stray too far from their training, they could have their licence suspended. It is a very tricky situation, especially considering many optometrists are trained in a way that does not help people at all but rather jeopardize the wellbeing of patients’ eyes. The whole system was set up like this from the beginning in my opinion. However, there must be optometrists who know the paradigm of a one size fits all approach for glasses i.e. one prescription for everything, is a bad one. Surely they could at least give a warning to people not to wear a full distance correction for closeup, at the very least. Don’t you think in all their years of training they never once came across a study that states glasses used the wrong way could make myopia worse? That’s a genuine question. I mean I have a feeling they all know that wearing a full powered correction for activities that don’t involve distance vision could be very harmful. Just by warning people not to wear their full distance glasses for closeup could make such a huge difference in optometry and this is a very small and easily implementable change. The industry would still be making tons of money. I don’t know what the solution is. Maybe optometrists could go on strike or have a whistle blower tell his story on the news.


Wait… So let me get this straight…You went to six or seven optometrists with your old prescription of -3 and your new prescription of -1.5 and they all, point blank, said that myopia isnt reversible?? @Selman

This is one of the best things about EM, and a huge part of my personal success with eye improvement. The ability to vent anger, and generally have support from a community of people going through the same thing…Go Lemeow!

Man, retail optometry is so fucked! Vent! Vent! Vent!


It’s clear that you have memorized the Snellen chart in order to commit fraud against a whole profession. You should be ashamed of yourself.


Congratulations on your improvement! :smile:
I do understand your anger. :rage: I had some of it myself, but I let it go fairly soon - in my case not enough years of life left to want to waste any of it on anger.
I had a much bigger bone to pick with the medical and nutritional professionals, and have forgiven them as well.

If you do want to bring Jesus into it, remember ‘let him who has no sin cast the first stone’.
I prefer the Silver Rule to the Golden Rule - do not do unto others what you do not want them to do to you. I suspect you would not want to be crapped on so heavily for your ignorance and mistakes.

Grandma’s preaching over - and again, congratulations. :smile:


It’s true that confronting those who have hurt you leads nowhere but to more hurt (for both sides). Venting in a safe space is positively therapeutic though :smile:
In fact, I felt more keen on forgiving after saying all I had to say myself haha it seems there are no shortcuts on this one. Forgiveness is the goal, but it’s also a process.

That picture of Jesus wearing glasses though. Golden. :laughing:


Are there any safe spaces left on the internet? I have nothing against blowing off some steam, but it comes with its own risks. Beware of the lens-selling mafia. :crazy_face:

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This is my personal opinion only, so take it as such. One friend of mine stated that, if she would write a book, it would be titled “Sin makes sense”. I am going to define sin as any choice that falls short of the highest moral standard. If we were to live in anybody’s shoes even for one day, it would be easier to see how their life path led to where they are today. One choice leads to another, and then another and then… Some are our own, some are of the people/systems around us, and they all have an impact. One’s life path starts to make sense. Does not make it necessarily right, but it makes sense. And when things start to make sense, I think it becomes easier to see solutions.
Several people here already chimed in on the thought of "it is OK to be angry, and to work through it at your own pace, until you can box it, put a pretty bow on it, and put it aside in the corner, or better yet, throw it out :crazy_face:
Maybe this will help. Judging people/systems by the letter of the law, with no amount of grace is to become legalistic, and cold hearted. To give all in grace with no consequences to one’s actions is enabling, and silly. Both approaches hurt everybody in the long run.
I hope you find some grace for the doctors/optometrists etc that forgot the first of the Hippocrate’s Oath (do they even take it now a day?? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:): “First, do no harm”.
I hope you find some grace for the millions of people who turn the optometrists into gods with clay feet. The world is crazy enough to just want a pill or a pair of glasses to make it all easier in a second,

We all have our weak spots, and we all are being preyed or allowed to be preyed upon because of it, in some shape or form.
One last Bible quote: “we all fall short of the glory of God”.

@Selman Thank you for sharing your frustrations with us, I think it helps you and us equally.

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Depends how you define safe space, don’t you think? EM forum, visible to the world or not, does act as a sounding board for myopia related issues. At least it does for me. I love all of you users of the forum, not because I feel 100% safe to speak up my mind, but because you all allow me to see things more clearly, from different perspectives, and help me deal with what used to be a huge worry in my life: the possibility of becoming blind. For that, I am grateful beyond words. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :relaxed:

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I agree with the great value of the forum - I feel just a little safer now that I have anonymised myself. I have no social media accounts, don’t feel the need for them, and am therefore not exposed to their dangers either.

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Well said! I try to be understanding towards the people in the profession. They probably went into their role with the intention of helping people. At the end of the day, they have to follow the regulations and do the best they can. Many optometrists are following their training and think that they know all there is to know regarding optometry but really they’re hurting people without realising it. I’m not mad at that. I try to approach people in a rational and calm way by just giving them the facts, and some professionals cannot conceive of a world where the endmyopia method may hold any merit. No matter how many studies you show them, or proof you give them, not only do they immediately dismiss what you’re saying, but they outright mock you. How can this flawed system ever reform itself if nobody is even open to hearing anything other than what they have been taught? This is a dogmatic way of practicing science. Science is all about challenging the status quo, not rigidly defending a belief, even if it is outdated or flawed. My frustration comes from being condescended towards due to suggesting a method not practiced in the mainstream. If it was an agree to disagree situation, I would be perfectly fine with that. However, when you are dismissively shunned when just trying to engage in an open dialogue, it can frustrate a person immensely. Ego sometimes gets in the way of progress for humankind. I just hope those that are rigidly sticking to their beliefs become open to new ideas. This is not a black and white situation where there is a bad guy. Just an industry set up around making money. As an indirect result, people suffer. We have to be open to those that are doing wrong, consciously or not, but at the same time, millions of children are having their vision destroyed unnecessarily. There are many victims of this imperfect system so at what point will it improve? I am by no means perfect but if I see a structure in place that negatively impacts one of the most important senses of a person (eyesight), I’ll do everything I can to try and change it. I can say up until now, I have shown this with my actions. People should do whatever they can do if it is in their capacity, but change will never happen when anyone that doesn’t reaffirm the legitimacy of mainstream optometry is ridiculed. How many more people have to lose their eyesight? Bad things happen when good people do nothing.

When I was new to endmyopia, I went to maybe three or four places and told them about studies that argue myopic defocus can reduce axial length and was of course told that’s impossible. After I improved, I told two separate places about my gains (places that I had never been to before). One of the optometrists seemed very uncomfortable and said nothing, as if I had discovered a dirty secret I wasn’t supposed to know and the other said that the people who formerly tested me and gave me a result of -3, were incompetent, as my result was a -1.5, which is nowhere near a -3. Before I received the -1.5 result, I tried to tell that same optometrist who tested me about what causes axial elongation, but after realising it was hopeless, I kept silent about my improvement. I asked one guy about weakened glasses for closeup and he said I’m too old for reading glasses. I then clarified the concept of correction with a weaker minus for closeup and he found the idea absurd. “If you had a separate pair of glasses for every occasion, you’ll need a million pairs for everything, one for looking at your watch, one for your phone etc.” The worst thing about mainstream optometry (from my experience at least), is that they’re not even open to hearing anything other than what they have been taught. They constantly reinforce the narrative that myopia is genetic and if you have it, tough. No hope until you die. What a pessimistic view on life. If people even try to think about finding a way out, they are shot down. How can we even create when we’re not allowed to think or even to hope. Surely if the mainstream argument is the most valid one, people would be open to other ideas. If they don’t hold merit, they can easily be disproven.


Even Jesus overturned in anger a few tables at the temple for the stupidity, ignorance and arrogance of the people.
Don’t lose hope. And don’t lose your inner drive for change. If Jake, on his own, managed to get this far, together, we can keep building on the change.
If that is what your heart calls you to do, keep looking for the optometrist that will be even slightly interested or curious. There are still some out there. Work on your last -1.5D, and take the results with you. They cannot all ignore it at that point, and dismiss it as a mistake. Plant the thought/seed, and let them stew on it.

People need a very serious impetus to start making change. Maybe for optometrist will be shrinking margins of the shops they run. Maybe for people it will be the ridiculous prices we are being changed ($400 just for a set of lenses, no frames??? :scream:) or health issues that will be hard to ignore when the magic pills that are being so easily dispensed no longer work?
I don’t know, but I know nothing lasts forever, good or bad. And it does take a tiny little seed, watered and nourished for change to happen and grow. We have a good one in our hands with Jake’s EM. Let’s keep it going.

I am glad you are part of the forum. We really do need more people like you, with fire in their veins, and a desire for better choices. :star_struck: :innocent:



Thank you! I am also glad you are part of the forum.

That is a great way of looking at it. EM keeps growing.

Myopia makes 100 billion dollars a year and its completely legal with the perception of it being a medical industry designed to help people. Trying to stop that money train will be met with huge resistance.

Much success in your journey


Yeh its so depressing sometimes. At least we’ve got all these people going through the same thing together.

When do you think you may reach 2020? another 2-3 years or so?

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Finally somebody said it. I also find the ungrateful attitudes and conspiratorial tones of this here forum MOST disturbing.

Long live the establishment.


Jake. You have seen the light! I am so happy I am shedding tears of joy. Now shutdown endmyopia forever and your sins will be forgiven.