The elusive advanced user tutorial

This is for those badge-hungry gimme more status Meowers out there.

As some of you might’ve noticed. It’s pretty much impossible to become “licensed” and receive that corresponding badge. One needs the “advanced user tutorial” and there’s no mention of it anywhere.

Here’s how to get it:

  • Look up your original message exchange with @discobot by clicking on your profile pick, click on the messages and subsequently on “Sent”.
  • Locate the “Greetings” message exchange with discobot (make sure you have completed the basic user tutorial) and right after that certificate, hit reply and type (at least) these things: @discobot start advanced user

This will start the advanced user tutorial and make it possible for you to get that “Licensed” badge. Enjoy :slight_smile:


Thank you for the tip! :grin: I’ve discovered some interesting options with this advanced tutorial :+1:

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Indeed, it’s actually pretty useful :smile:

Thanks! I missed that. Discourse is a tad… unique, I guess.

I just learned that four question marks in sequence aren’t allowed in normal text. They become three. ??? Maybe the authors don’t like the ???? PROFIT steps pointed out?

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Haha, I never opened the messages from discobot, just read the title and thought that’s it!
So I’ve just completed the basic user tutorial after almost 4 months :wink:
Thanks Laurens for bringing that up!

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I don’t see any messages from discobot. Is this still in effect?

Just send discobot a PM with that content, it should start.

Thanks Laurens, but I’m confused. I sent the PM, and nothing happened. How exactly will the tutorial “start”?

Type that exact sentence in that private message to discobot. That should get it going.

I tried nothing happened

How do I start basic user tutorial?

Send a PM to @discobot with the content: “start new user”

You’ll get a greetings message from him which you’ll have to respond to. Complete that to receive your certified badge. After that you can repeat type “start advanced user” in that thread and the advanced tutorial will commence to become licensed.

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The first issue I run into is that when I send the message “start advanced user”. I get a response: “Body is too short”. It also requires a subject. So I add some random text in the body, add “start advanced user” to the subject, then send, and get nothing.

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same as @funkle I didn’t get anything on start new user or start advanced user

@funkle and @Bigkittyqueen,

I tested it and it seems down. I’ll have to do some debugging on it. I’ll get back to you when it’s functioning again.

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@discobot start new user

Discobot is broken, we need to fix this and we don’t really know what’s amiss right now. To be continued…

Yes, I wanted to bump the topic to remind you. :wink:

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We are working on this. The guys at discourse didn’t give us any solid pointers so Jake is bringing someone in to try and fix discobot. No promises or time-tables possible, but we are working on it.

So fine people, discobot is up and running again. Jake found a simple setting that disabled our almighty bot. All clear for them tutorials fellow kittens!


Yeah it works! The commands are:

@discobot start tutorial


@discobot start advanced tutorial

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