📲 The Endmyopia Companion App (iOS)

So. The ‘endmyopia companion’ app exists.

Very roughly and very much not something you need to download at this point. :grimacing:

It’s nowhere near ready for primetime. Current status is just a mostly unannounced beta, it’s in the app store just as we were testing whether Apple was ok with various things, like the name, and some of the contents.

Good news, it is. :tada:

Still a lot of work to do.

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Working now to see whether Apple will let us include the courses as in-app purchases. That way we could combine measuring and suggested articles, and free DIY, with the option for supporting endmyopia and in exchange getting the structured approach and support from me and all of that as well.

While that’s technically a small part (the vast majority of participants use the free resources), it would mean that we could put all parts of endmyopia onto a phone.

If that works out (certainly an ‘if’ at this point), then next would be putting it all on Android ("Jake dude bro plzzz why not Android, Jake plzzz Android plz).

Not that I want to do any of these things, but our traffic has shifted very notably from desktop to mobile. So, going with the times and where the users are, and trying to play by the rules and also trying not to spend all the moniez on developers. :man_shrugging:

Waiting on Apple’s latest feedback now, based on that will decide on next steps. Will update here as things evolve.


I don’t think they would care, because they money from it. The only problem is that they put the Apple tax on it, so you either get less money, or users need to pay more money in the app than they would do on the web page.

Well. Let’s hope they don’t. I’m generally a big fan of any sort of “tax” option, since it confers protection of the mafia you’re paying it to. :yum: (I actually go out of my way to pay all sorts of taxes in all kinds of places - at least to some degree, not necessarily the degree of various European states ideas of tax.)

Also it’ll just be 15% now, from what I understand. Already paying right around 10% now with all the conversion fees and gateway fees and generally extortionist practices. So … :man_shrugging:

30% would have been a problem though.

Either way I just hope they let it pass. They did let the 7 day e-mail guide go (though a great many questions on whether we planned to sell stuff and if so, where and all that … very somewhat funny how quickly they picked up that the guide could lead to sales - though not in any place stated on my end).

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Update: Apple approved in-app purchases for our courses.

Big deal because … about a dozen rejections and updates and tweaks and things were necessary. Months of work. Picture money burning in a furnace. :joy: But because dogged persistence and not having an accountant to yell at us, we now finally have it all approved and in the store.

But that’s far, far, farfarfar from done. A million bugs to work out now. And then not having courses just for sale without some way to limit sign-ups (me, not unlimited support hours!). And then the measuring app integrated into this one, and being able to offer content recommendations based on your diopter results (can also be entered manually).

And then all that, on Android.

I should look into making this a non-profit because as long as I’m around to direct things, endmyopia most certainly never will make profits. :joy:

Download the app if you like, just note for now that I’m aware of the giant slew of bugs. Main part really was just to get Apple’s seal of approval on all the itchy bits.


Clearly putting money in the right places:

And … five devices actively using the app! Yeah!

Of course it’s un-promoted and ugly and unfinished and why would you use it at this point.

Still … it’s so far from “done” or decent, for sure testing my resolve in making things that are obviously more of a pet project than a total immediate benefit.

Get it to where the forum is on there, and the Wiki, and then some onboarding process that lets you pick diopters or a goal or questions, and get content recommendations? Integrate the meow-suring app?

It is pretty silly, for sure.

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