The Endmyopia Episode On BNS 🎙

:slight_smile: The Endmyopia Episode On BNS :studio_microphone:

You can so often tell who will succeed in life. Our very good friend and fellow endmyopian BNS, definitely on that list. If you’ve listened to past endmyopia podcast interviews (, you’ll see what I mean when watching BNS’ endmyopia episode:

Some work went into editing that! :+1:t2:

BNS also managed to score interviews with Wim Hof, Chris Voss, Ivor Cummins, David Allen, Jairek Robbins, Donald Robertson, Dr, Chris Knobbe, Dr. Ken Berry, Dr. Shawn Baker, Dr. Anthony Jay, Julian Treasure, Will Bowen, Daniel T Debaun, Dr. Jacob Liberman, Eric Edmeades, Howard Berg, Sally K Norton, Guy Finley, Scott Young, Andy Mant, Brian Sanders, Jeff Brown, Evan Carmichael, etc. He has an audience of over 130,000 subscribers and is the fastest growing channel in his region.

BNS main channel, in Hindi:

Other neat random bits to check out: BNS read 270+ books in the past 76 weeks:


This is brilliant.

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Awwww this is like when your friends meet your family and you just sit and watch them talk and hit it off. :heart::heart::heart:

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