The journey to end my high astigmatism

Hello friends!
EDIT: I realize this information is written kind of messily, as I was just writing my thoughts at the moment. So if anyone wants any clarifications feel free to ask!
This introduction is simply for me to look back on in the future, but I’m sure that there are others going through a similar journey that might find this useful.

Some brief background info:

  • I began wearing glasses around the age of 6
  • I’ve been wearing glasses for around a decade now (I’ll be 17 in april)
  • I have average myopia
  • I have high astigmatism

My two most recent prescriptions (from optometrist) are:

2018 :
OD[R] | -3.25 | -3.25 | 165
OS[L] | -3.50 | -3.50 | 175

OD[R] | -3.75 | -3.25 | 165
OD[L] | -3.50 | -3.50 | 175

The only difference was a -0.50 increase in SPH in the right eye.

Now here is some more recent information:
About 5 months ago I took my glasses off (2019 prescription) and kept them off all the time. I would do a bit of research every now and then and came across lots of eye exercises (e.g. bates method) and found that none of it worked. Among one of many of those videos I came across a comment that kept promoting the endmyopia blog. I gave it a quick look and found all of the information interesting. But (lame excuse incoming) because I’m taking a bunch of honors classes, most of my time is invested in homework so I didn’t really have time to read up on EM. It wasn’t until winter break that I was able to read up a lot more on EM and briefly on the forum. It was during that same break that I signed up for the 7 day free guide and during that week I had the eye opening (I had to) discovery that completely stopping my glasses use was not at all beneficial. When I decided to use my 2019 prescription it was way too much for me to handle (I hadn’t used glasses for about 4 months at that point) so I went with my 2018 prescription, which was still difficult to get used to.

About my astigmatism knowledge:
So up until this point, I believe I’ve read all the posts (or at least the most relevant to my case) about astigmatism on the blog. I’ve read a fair amount of experiences of other people with high astigmatism on this forum too. Overall, there is still a lot more reading I can use.

Taking action:
I’m not asking for any advice here, I’m just saying where I’m going. I’m on the verge of getting my first differentials but I still want to do more research because of my high astigmatism. If anyone wants to give their input or share similar experiences, feel free to do so!

Here’s to our progress,


@kem had -3.25/-3.25 and -2.75/-2.75.
Now he fights the leftovers of that, like 0.50 and reduced his sphere to -1.50.

@AMati starts with higher SPH but with similar cyl and this was my view on it.

Thoughts in another thread here.

And @salt has just written up [some thoughts on it here](# Your Tips for a Successful Cylinder Reduction! (Guide-ish prompt) ).
Please take note on Disclaimer2!