🎙 The Life Enthusiast Podcast: Endmyopia Episode

Well … would ya look at that. Ole VanderJakensteinen did another le podcast. :clap:

In this 407th episode of his podcast, Martin Pytela encourages his audience to discover the various interesting realities about vision biology, myopia, and … all the various things you’ve heard from me a million times by now. :grimacing:

Podcast 407: Ending Myopia – Fix Your Vision for Good

Martin is definitely a bit unconventional in his outlook and approach to health topics - and possibly occupies a slightly different part of the spectrum than some of us might be.

Open minds, anyways.

Martin also claims that he has a supplement that notably helps to reduce floaters. As usual I start out with various levels of skepticism on all things supplements and claims - at the very least though the man appears quite passionate about his solutions. Maybe we’ll find some willing subjects with floaters to try his things out. :thinking:

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Bonus points for the transcription :slight_smile:

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Can’t wait to hear the podcast- I have found that magensium ( in a topical spray form) does help with floaters. I also used to have floaters quite a bit for a season about 15 years ago but I started taking probitocs and made diet changes and they went away. I do notice they return in very minor forms if i have had a lot of stress which greatly depletes magnesium. They disappear after i get back to some regular magnesium application. Ancient Minerals is the brand I like on Amazon:)

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This is probably one of the best ones. I like that he did his research and had a working knowledge base and he caught up quickly to the rest, many of the hosts don’t have enough of a base knowledge and it shows all the way through the episodes…
And I for one am intrigued at the possibility of something that helps with floaters, they are quite irritating.

Also it was an interesting angle with the Ipad in this one, it hasn’t hit quite that way in the past. So many people think gifting their kids an Ipad (and/or cell phone) is a great gift, but the reality is it runs a HIGH risk of robbing them of their good natural vision, among other things. So the best gift is no tech… boy that is a reality this generation will be hard put to swallow,

Ths is interesting. I take magnesium but I have not seen a decrease in floaters. Do you apply around the eye?

no- never around the eye- it woud sting terribly:( From the research I have done- the best way for the body to absorb magesium is though the skin so I use a brand called Ancient Minerals from Amazon- but maybe it is some combination of magnesium and balance of the gut with probiotics?

This podcast was so great! What a great summary of the whole proess- really really great and can’t wait to share this with others seeking to heal their eyesight.

Does the one you have sting? I have one, I don’t use much, but have applied near the eye (not too near mind you) from time to time to help with muscle spasms. …

Could be… it’s an intriguing thought. Floaters are horribly irritating and mine got much worse following a nasty virus in Feb last year :frowning:

@jakey is correcting hyperopia the same, just with plus instead of minus? Or is my impression wrong? It would be interesting to see a “shortsighted” podcast with someone recovering from hyperopia. I have at least one hyperopic friend intrigued by the method but there isn’t much content to direct her toward.

In theory anyway, yes. Not something I have real experience with, so just based on all the myriad little things we ended up having to figure out about myopia, I don’t want to guess a whole lot about hyperopia.

But … could be a personal experiment. :slight_smile:

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