The Portable Eye Guru Project (endmyopia in .mp3 format)

I can’t write a much better pitch than the one I wrote on Facebook, so here goes:

The Entire Endmyopia Channel in .mp3 Format (The Portable Eye Guru Project)

:nerd_face: LINK TO DOWNLOAD HERE (0.98GB): :nerd_face:

There are plenty of details in all of Jake’s 179 main YouTube videos on the channel. The reason he’s the Eye Guru is because he’s been involved in this, in some way, for 20 years now. Where someone can find the time to watch every single one of those is anyone’s guess however. All of that juicy third-eyed knowledge is being pooled up, and nobody has the time to drink from the oasis?!

I’ve gone ahead and lovingly committed mass copyright infringement all in the name of our eyes. Instead of having to set aside dedicated time to stare at a screen, now you can multitask while delicious bearded wisdom piles up in your head. There are countless small details, tips and tricks that you will have most likely missed (unless you sat down and watched all 179 videos previously). You might find yourself understanding a lot more about the process than you did previously, or you might just get annoyed because I didn’t bother to trim ANY of the mp3s.

The videos are sorted into folders based on categories. There are a lot of categories, so finding the specific topic you want shouldn’t be too hard. No podcast episodes are included - you can get these seperately with any appopriate app (I recommend Podcast Addict for Android) If there are any troubles with the download, or you have suggestions for improvements, feel free to message me! :slight_smile:


This is the original thumbnail for TPEGP:

Yawn. I spiced it up a bit originally, hoping to promote some of the benefits of mp3s over video:

But nobody really wants to click on that. No no, let’s shift it into high gear and show everyone what it’s truly about:

Much better. There wasn’t any cover art originally either for the mp3s either. Originally each video’s thumbnail was the embedded thumbnail for each mp3. It didn’t look right at all in my mp3 player app for my phone though and I ended up with no cover art, so I trimmed the fat and went for uniformity instead:

No point in having a TPEGP if nobody’s going to click on it :L


Creating this was the best idea ever :slight_smile: Currently I’m doing the 20m close-up 5m distance break method (with pomodoro… ironically I’m more productive in work than ever). And these things are great to listen while having the 5m distance vision break. So I’m listening to 5 minutes chunks and I’m already through 5.5 hours of material :smiley: (I’ve selected a few which sounded interesting) Now the plan is to listen everything :slight_smile: So again: thanks for creating this!


I was a few points down in the best idea ever category, so thanks for nudging me up a bit :smiling_imp::grinning:

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Having explained that audio is the future, it’s great that @NottNott created this project and that it is being embraced by people here in endmyopia.


Coming up: endmyopia in .ogg format



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Aaand I finished :sweat_smile: Listened through all of those :slight_smile: 25 hours of fun with @jakey :smiley: That may have sounded weird :thinking: :rofl:


I need to update this some time…


I always feel a bit bad when anyone says this kind of thing - though especially about the videos. :joy: