The thinnest glasses out there


I am -15, which makes wearing glasses absolutely intolerable. But I do wear them. Yes, they look terrible.

Fortunately, new things are created every day, and maybe I don’t know something that you, guys, know. What are currently the thinnest glasses out there? Is it still 1.74? Also, high myopia gang, have you discovered cool places where they can make interesting shapes and designs for strong glasses – not these standard boring rectangular things?

Thank you!

I feel your pain. I was wearing glasses back when the lenses were made of actual ground glass, and the thickness and heaviness (even without your heroic level of myopia) were really daunting!

I believe it is still 1.74
I’ve never been a high myope, but I heard of some who wore a certain number of plain sph diopters with contact lenses and added the prescription complexity with glasses, but then those glasses were easier on the nose by the diopters taken away by the contact lenses. No personal experience though…

Diamond is the highest index of refraction I believe at 2.42, though a pair of glasses made from diamond crystal might be a bit spendy…

However, cubic zirconia is 2.1 so that might be in easier reach :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Index of refraction is usually from 1.4 to 1.7 for many more sane optical materials, 1.74 is actually likely near the top of what’s possible.

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What about plastic vs glass? How much heavier the glass pair would be, any idea? I was told the lenses made of glass will go as high as 1.9 (=thinner).

Oh my… that heavy, huh?