The trials and tribulations of contacts

EM generally recommends glasses over contacts due to infection risk and the fact that you’ll need glasses over contacts anyway, but I have very high myopia and the contacts reduce the side effects of the glasses themselves.

I started the contacts this spring, and just about the time I think I’m becoming proficient at this thing, I put in my contacts and the world goes all blurry, and my left eye does not feel right… I’d put both contacts in the same eye! That was fun getting out without loosing them.

So back in glasses today, letting that eye get a day of rest because it was just too irritated even after I corrected the problem.

Feeling like I’m never going to be proficient at the contacts thing. Still figuring out how to get differentials that have the right pupil height.

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Hang in there and you’ll become a contact pro. Contacts are such a pain but they have their place for sure.

This week I managed to lose one. Not drop one, loose one. As far as I remember, I cleaned it and put it away, and it wasn’t there in the morning. I guess it didn’t actually drop off my finger when I thought I was putting it down. Had one spare pair left in the box, starting the next cycle early.

I debated getting one box or two when reordering. I still have a ways to go before I can use the -11.5s I ordered just in case, and even if I make rapid progress, I can just adjust tuners and distances until my full driving correction passes that point. So I got the 6 month supply. A 3 month supply costs me less than a pair of glasses would.

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I’m concerned I’m growing more blood vessels on my eye, indicative of a poor fitting contact and oxygen deprivation.

neovascularisation? Already? sure? usually it takes a long time I heard, like many months or years

Not totally bloodshot, but a few vessels.

Doc was not happy with initial fit, but couldn’t find other options at my prescription. There were only two brands available.

But then again, it’s allergy season, indoor air is drying out as the heat comes on. Could be other causes.

Maybe it’s like floaters, you start noticing things that were there before… Keeping an eye on it.