They caught me! What should I say?

So due the the delays caused by the corona virus and the milestone of now being able to order cheaper frames, I decided to order multiple cylinder reductions together. Unfortunately this has triggered concern from Zenni about my choices. This is the message:
Has anyone had to deal with this before? If so, was there a good way to convince them to simply run the order as it stands or will that just prompt them to ask for a prescription?


I have ordered 3 pairs at a time, and there were no queries from Zenni. I should imagine they are simply being super careful that you did not make a mistake. They can hardly afford to demand official Rx as they are likely to lose a lot of custom that way. Let us know how they react to your confirmation that you have not made a mistake. Did you order different frames? I have ordered the same frame every time, and this should indicate that I am not ordering different frames to match my outfit. :wink:


You don’t have to convince them. They are just asking if you are sure about your order. If you confirm it that you really wanted different cyl, then they will just continue with making them. If you really want to make sure, you can tell that you ordered one glasses for you and the other two are two different relatives of you. But it’s unnecessary, just tell them you did not make any mistake, and you really want the different cyls.


I guess I should have pitched in my first experience with this. My very first prescription that was too strong for the frames I selected (somehow it got past their filters) and they immediately asked me for my prescription. I politely asked to cancel the order while I take my time choosing another set of frames.

With regards to the multiple user approach; the axis, pd, sph and frame size were far too unique for it to be believable that they were for different people unfortunately. But now that I think about it, if I had put a different birth year on each, it might not have been flagged by their system. Hmm🤔

I did happen to order different frames this time, It was probably what got me flagged. Either that or the lack of sph change.

The sph change theory makes more sense after @kem mentioned that he couldn’t order zero sph glasses.

I get the impression they are also more careful with US orders since the laws are stricter regarding glasses prescription over there. In most of Europe you can just order what you want online without prescription hence why they probably do not treat European orders as strictly…

Ha ha! Sucker!

Try to reply with I’m doing a reduced lens therapy, and it’s recommended that I slowly step down my prescription over time. Please continue with the order as is.

I’m just curios what they will do if you say this.

Let us know what you do. :face_with_monocle:


Why giving explanation or excuses? You just risk that they really find some reason to not complete your order because of some law related things.
If they would have needed prescription to complete the order (required for some country, like UK) then they would have ask for it. But they didn’t, they simply require a confirmation that he deliberately ordered these glasses and not by some mistake. They just want to avoid reshipping and negative ratings.


then, there’s always just office tools to make your own “prescription.” Like they’re gonna know.

I had them send something similar before. They are just covering their bases, people have input the wrong numbers before and expected Zenni to foot the bill for their mistake.


Be sure you double double check the order because I had this happen and mistakenly had a value of +cyl instead of -cyl. I looked and told them it was right and then looked again and realized it was wrong. They may send you several emails to make certain the values are correct. So just triple check and tell them yes or no.
Actually they really saved me on my order so I thanked them greatly for pestering me so much about it.


All the online glasses sellers in the UK, except one, ask for a copy of a prescription within the last 2 years. Some just bury this requirement in their terms and conditions. I’m guessing it’s to cover their backs if the buyer returns them for some reason or maybe it’s now a legal requirement I don’t know but it’s a concern for me anyway and very restricting.

In UK it’s a legal requirement.

I got a similar email, for a similar reason. I emailed them back, and told them that I appreciate the scrutiny they put into reviewing orders, and that the values I put in the order for 4 different pair of glasses were selected on purpose, so they should proceed with the order as submitted.

They thanked me kindly, and submitted the order to production.

IN my opinion, they are just very careful. And I personally appreciate that. :grinning:


Oh no what to do? How can I get round this? There must be others in UK with this dilemma. It will be my first differentials!


I just went ahead and cancelled my other two pairs and told them to just run the first pair. They kindly obliged.

I will try to order multiple cyl sets later and tell them to go proceed with the order. I’ll be sure to report back to this thread when I do.


Don’t fret! I was really anxious first time I ordered a reduced correction online in the UK, I’ve used different email addresses to obfuscate, and wouldn’t dare order several different corrections all at once from the same place… But it was unnecessary I think - there’s nothing to worry about really. I’ve only been asked once to confirm my prescription, with date etc. (I lied obviously), and then if I recall I think it was only because I am a high myope and they wanted me to upgrade to the super thin Platinum lens package offer…


I think they only really ask people to verify prescriptions that are complex. I was never asked for a prescription when I ordered multiple pairs of minus lenses all with my real demographic info.

answer to Zenni: say yes I’m sure this is the correction I want

Side note: Based on reading optometrist websites, I think the strictest rules regarding dispensing wearable lenses in the US pertain to prism lenses. Apparently only optometrists with specialized training in binocular visual processing can prescribe them. I’d love to test and see if Zenni will ask me for a prescription if I try but it costs me less to get those types of lenses locally

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Irony of ironies.

I went with EyeBuyDirect for my next pair of normalized.

Ordered a pair. A day or so later, went to check on the order status. And they had added prisms, which I had put into a trial prescription a while back for a pair I was considering for vision therapy, into the lenses! WTF.

So I said, Cancel!

I got an email saying, aww, we’re sorry, we can still make mods–would you take a 15% disount and keep the order?

Sure, Take out the prisms, and knock off a few bucks, why not.

Their response?? I quote:

We are glad to know that you want to proceed with the order.

Before we proceed with the order, please confirm if you want to remove the prism value in your order.
If yes, we would appreciate if you can send us a copy of your prescription with PD measurement in jpeg or pdf format so we can provide you the glasses you need with the correct prescription.

My response is below:

I don’t have prism.

I was taking vision therapy, and had a strabismus/amblyopia. I was pricing out glasses for therapy on your site with prism only.

It’s a little odd that I left the “add prism” box UNchecked and the prisms from this unpurchased pricing showed up.

If we can’t proceed, then let’s cancel. Let me know what you plan to do.

Still waiting on response.

<*taps fingers*>


Yeah this is the kind of interaction I want to avoid. Hopefully they don’t give you too much trouble.

I feel like while these interactions seem innocuous, I think we should consider the impact it could have if large numbers of EM folks start peeving off these online retailers to the point of them changing their policies to our detriment.