🤯 They're trying to sell this kid -0.25 diopter glasses?!

0.25 diopters borders on malice.

Andreas won’t be able to tell the difference, but wearing those during all close-up will slowly affect his vision - and next year they’ll sell him a -1.00.

Worst part, I get these kinds of e-mails more than regularly. :man_shrugging:

Edit: Speaking of “regularly” now it’s literally two of these in the span of just a few hours. Enough to post a brief rant.


yes. that sounds like a youtube rant waiting to happen!

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Honestly I didnt think they would go lower than -.50 but even that seems criminal. .25!!!

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It does, doesn’t it. :thinking:

I try to balance endmyopia with as much positive thinking and frame of mind as possible. Like just having run to the train station very last minute to book the last night train out of the city, before the new travel restrictions and closures and all other genius ideas take effect.

Even grabbed a bike to put on the train.

Telling myself that :microbe: is a great motivator to have adventures I’d have put off otherwise. Things I’d have rationalized away or put on the backburner, with so much else that needs to get done. But then the government goes “all gyms and restaurants will be closed for the foreseeable future” and you go, hmmm maybe it IS time to just get out of here right this very instant.

And then enjoy some mountain times.

Not letting all of life’s negatives take hold and become part of the main narrative of the days and conversations and conscious head spaces.

But also yes. Brought a camera and a memory stick and a rant about this is due. No doubt some optometrists are going to be annoyed as usual. :grimacing: