Things we may forget from our youth

As I was sitting without my glasses on, I began to try and swat little black fruit flies. Then I remembered something about my 6 year old and how he was trying to heroically save me from a mosquito. He has tried many times before to catch those blood theives but many times he failed. But this time he caught it and he was so surprised and excited to have finally got one himself.
Of course this whole memory was triggered by the fact that I was amazed I could even track those pesky fruit flies without glasses!! But just like my son the hand and eye coordination has to catch up with each other. It took time for kids to get it and apparently it’s about 4 to 6 years for them lol. This all dawned on me that we kinda have to relearn all that.
And what I see with my son is that the more times he is able to catch a ball the more he believes he can repeat that behavior. It says alot about how we learn our capabilities. Imagine if we never knew we couldn’t!


Talking about hand-eye coordination - I wear my glasses very seldom and never when I am eating. I have been wearing my glasses for a period of about 2 hours a day since starting EM, and soon discovered that I cannot eat with my glasses on - the distance distortion of glasses completely throws my eye-hand coordination out, and the fork or the spoon has a hard time finding my mouth. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :fork_and_knife::spoon: .


Imagining you eating, now… :rofl: :joy_cat:
So do you clean up with or without glasses afterwards…? :wink:

Thanks for this topic! It is so true…
…for probably a billion things!


I remember to take off my glasses before eating - otherwise I might have to start wearing a baby’s bib.:baby:
I clean my house without glasses. ‘What the eye doesn’t see the heart doesn’t mourn’. This might change as my uncorrected vision improves, and that is the only thing I am not looking forward to on my journey to 20/20. I have already found myself cleaning some windows. :anguished:


:joy: :rofl: made my day! :heavy_heart_exclamation:

When i was a kid, I used to be very good in sports like badminton, tennis and volleyball. But when i started wearing glasses i found it hard to hit the ball, lol. I eventually gave up.
Now, i also eat and clean up without wearing glasses. Wearing them while sitting at the table feels so different and akward :rofl:


I have to take off my glasses when I eat too. Even having a conversation with people I tend to take them off. But it is so nice to see things beyond the arms length.

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Really? Strange, I found glasses affect these kinds of things in a minor way or not at all. Of course sports are better with contacts but only because glasses can slip around and because peripheral vision is better. But most of the sports like badminton (once you’re at a certain level) are muscle memory. Like when I play I don’t tend to look exactly at the shuttle, I look at its trajectory and at the point it’s at my racket I’m already looking at the opponent’s field to where I’m gonna hit it.


I guess i was still a beginner then :grinning: but i remember enjoying the games