This One Drive Me Nuts (Astigmatism "Diagnosis")

Here’s another one we get all the time. :exploding_head:

“Optometrist admits astigmatism correction is basically pointless.”

This has come up about 400 million times when people get cylinder correction in glasses but not contact lenses. How much honestly illogical can these guys get, with their assessments?

Again and as I always say - my rant level seems a bit blown out of proportion, for the casual reader. But if you zoom out enough, see the big picture, get thousands and thousands of e-mails over time with these really silly practices … eventually you lose all respect for that whole entire game.


On this point I don’t think it’s so clear cut. Due to vertex distance on glasses the 0.25 might be noticeable whereas when you bring the lens to 0mm from the eye the 0.25 really converts to something even more insignificant

@jakey To add to your astigmatism correction. I have never worn correction at .50 cyl. They always told me the correction is too small to be able to put in the contact. But this is how I ended up starting EM. My last appointment I tried a .50 correction. As I guess now it is available. And I couldn’t handle it. Then the opto gave me a 2.75 for my contact. But I had always worn 2.50 with no issue. I got frustrated and headed to the internet… and well the rest is in the making.