This weird thing happened while laying about outside

I was laying outside in my hammock under some trees reading a book without any glasses. When I would take breaks and look up at the trees and sky, I would see this spooky kind of moment, similar to what tv and movies show when there is a ghost about. I think it was floaters, but it was weird. There would be a gap, as if a small part of what is was looking at was out of sync with everything else. Anyone else ever experience this?

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It’s common for me to see things bizarrely “move around” when I quickly turn my head or go from close up to looking far. I think this is because the visual acuity of each eye is changing/improving and the visual cortex is trying to relearn how to align things correctly. Much of it for me is because of astigmatism.

My suggestion is check for retinal detachment or PVD.

Not a doctor and this is not medical advice, but this seems like a great reason to visit the ophthalmologist.

Good luck!


If the doc clears you, it might just be a persistence of vision thing. Your vision isn’t quite as quick as you perceive it, some of what you “see” is filled in by your visual cortex in between updates from your eyes. It’s normal to have a blind spot in the center of your vision where the nerves and blood vessels attach to the eye, but you don’t see it because a very small amount of eye movement and visual cortex trickery fills in the image.