🤔 Thought Exercise: What If Your Life Was A Book (Story)?

Originally posted in the blog as “How I Kicked My Screen Addiction”

I recently posted a quick video on kicking my screen addiction. Which … I didn’t kick, really.

There’s something possibly more interesting than trying to beat what is probably the oncoming tidal wave of humanity’s evolution. And that more interesting is, finding inspiration to do things other than stare at screens.

This all is about t0 fall squarely into the realm of fruity hippy talk, clearly.

But imagine, what if we did go outside? What if we found ways to amuse ourselves that involved creating our own experiences, rather than mindlessly consuming packaged content? If you’re browsing cute girl’s butts on Instagram, why not get some friends and head to an actual strip club for real life cute butts? Yes, maybe that’s unwise and objectifying genders and enabling bad behavior and whatnot … but it’s more likely going to yield memorable experiences and chuckle-worthy stories than thumbing through Instagram.

Or maybe you’re more wholesome than all that. Could be you’re watching travel videos on Youtube. Why not invest some of that excitement into planning your own travels? Maybe that’s just to a camp site for the weekend. Or maybe it’s a a slowly growing plot towards bigger adventures. Gotta start somewhere!

Take your favorite old guru as habitually questionable example. I’m right now mulling taking a break from watching jungle house being built (way, way, waaaaay out there off the map of civilization – not even on Google maps!). Thinking about taking a 12 hour bus up north to a city where rumor has it, there’s a brand new Kawasaki X 300 adventure bike – still in its shipping crate, up for sale. Go up there with the girl (who really will be necessary for the language skills), pick up the bike, and then make a few day adventure out of riding it back the 600+km … on a rather curious mountain road pass route that I found online.

Hmmmmm? What ever could possibly go wrong there. Nothing!


Zoomed out a bit on the time line, jungle house last year used to literally be a plot of jungle with no power, no water, no nothing. We first came and stayed in our own home made bamboo huts. Figured out solar and dug a well and built a bamboo bathroom and shower and slowly turned the whole thing into an interesting living scenario. And getting away from there by spending a month or so kitesurfing in Vietnam, or experiencing the fall in eastern Europe or looking for late night trouble in Bangkok.

Not that interesting unless you have the context of when Jakey literally worked as a cubicle drone banker in a 9-5 office. Didn’t feel right but I honestly had no idea about creating a life truly worth living. Jakenstein was fully plugged into the matrix, for many years.

Create a life that you could truly write a captivating book about. That’s my own lifestyle framework now – thinking of your life as a story that you could write a book about, and people would read it and go … damn, dude. That’s all kind of awesome!

Why not? May well take years and slowly heading in a direction. And getting rid of glasses can be a great catalyst to start poking your head out there. To whatever kind of book you’d like to write, or reflect on when you’re eventually on your way out of this lifetime.

Just consider it. Also this isn’t at all meant condescendingly or with any assumption about your life specifically - it’s very well possible of course that your life is already a most awesome book!

Escaping glasses, as a topic in isolation, not that interesting.

Escaping the life that’s defined by shortsightedness and symptom treatment and accepting imagined shortcomings. That maybe, a good theme to live by.




This really is important/great food for thought. What do you want your life to be about/what would you want your legacy to be? What kind of example will you set for your family and your kids?

What will they say when the time came and you joined the afterlife. Will they talk about how you loved games, facebook, instagram and spend hours on mobile devices watching some BS that other screen addicts forwarded tot you? Do you want to be remembered like that?

Being the father of 3, one 6, one 4 and the last one 1,5 year old kids. They are drawn to screens, there’s no escaping that. But the thing is, they also love going outside and doing something. A walk in the woods, a playground, just riding the bike somewhere. Going ice-skating or practicing skiing. A kid is happy to be doing something and really likes the parents to be a part of it. Although not good for distance vision, playing board games together, it’s a great way to spend a rainy weekend afternoon.

Perhaps we can expand this in the future to be more adventurous like you did. I recently was amazed at how easy it is to make kids happy without having to bribe them with screens and bad (sugary) food. Just play something silly like hide and seek. They laugh so hard and have a great time.

Let’s make it our goal that by the end of our lives the people that loved us will say: He/She lived their life to the fullest and inspired others to do so as well. Having no regrets at all and enjoyed everything the earth has to offer to the fullest.


Oh, @jakey and @Laurens. Your words made me think so much that I think I will not sleep tonight. Haha, now seriously, Jake, you really need to write a book about all you explained, all about eyesight matters and your experience through all these years mixed together with lifestyle or life in general. That would certainly give you the guru status for eternity. The only worry is that maybe later someone could create a religion worshipping that old guru who disappeared from civilization long ago. That could turn a bit crazy… well, better stop thinking, I just liked the reads, both.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I’m just gonna put a blanket here and sit on it, waiting for other’s life stories :grin:

Many types of books it wouldn’t be fun to live it in real life. No matter how exciting and dramatic. Then bumping into others who are writing their book. Of course then living the book you want to live while no one wants to read it including yourself. There’s a certain win there in any case.