🎥 Tim: -5.25 To -2.75

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wdUTE6VHx6Y with @panopticon

A few more lined up for this weekend. Goal is to go with video where we did before with e-mailed improvement reports. We have literally thousands of e-mails from participants and their improvements, and we’ll get as many as possible to also chat with us quasi-live, quasi-in-person.

It has a completely different impact when you see a face and hear a story, vs. reading the same font on the same screen for a million of these. Maybe this way it’ll be harder the mainstream to ignore what’s going on when more and more people stand up and start talking about how their “mysterious genetic condition” has become much less mysterious and much less of a … condition. :thinking: :joy:

If you have had at least a couple of diopters of gains already and would like to share your own story, just drop me a line anytime.


Excellent video. Thank Tim for bringing his story to us.

That was great!

Give me a few months and I’ll be right there.


I’m up for it any time.


Another nice one! What struck me most was the apparent lack of interest of his own close family, in spite of their alarming and expensive vision problems. I am afraid the quick fix will usually win out over the slow resolution of the root cause of a problem.

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It was another great interview. So far I have only been able to get 1 co worker to take an interest in endmyopia and his first comment was. No going to the optometrist anymore? I told him if nothing else he now knows where to get glasses online at a reduced price. Sad thing is with my coworkers Most of them wear -2 or less because there is a vision requirement. So I know that the majority of them are fairly low myopes and I try to tell them that they may only need 2 years to be glasses free. Still they just dont really want to do it and I even hear, I’ll just get Lasik. It frustrates me at times because there is no telling people that the Lasik is bad or that it doesnt fix anything. I suppose we all have the same trouble telling people. My family too, they just dont care about improving their eyesight.

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If the EM community bases its beliefs on the premise that most people’s myopia is psuedomyopia and caused by too much close up and/or bad habits, then would we expect that a person who gets Lasik to eventually regress due to keeping bad habits that got them there in the first place? Or is there something special with Lasik that terminates ciliary spasm or prevents myopia from recurring?

Where I’m trying to go with this is that if there’s evidence to back it up, an easy way to refute @Jenn’s coworkers’ arguments would be: “Why get your eyes lasered when they’ll just get bad again? Don’t you want to solve the problem, not the symptom?” Most people want the quick fix. The sooner we can convince more people that change requires effort, the sooner we can change the world in positive ways (not just with EM).

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Jenn, I am getting more and more curious about what you do for a living. Don’t say if you would rather not. :grinning:

I just look at the world in beautiful arizona sun Hannie :wink:
@Samsara I have indeed attempted to explain these to people. I even tell them Lasik is just like permanent glasses. But I’m not an eye doctor so my points are not legitimate. And still a coworker that had -10 and got Lasik is now experiencing a loss of clarity believes it is just due to age. I tell him I am improving and he says Just get Lasik. So those of us that are skeptics benefit and the others just trust the doctors. I think the most helped are the ones that have always had good eyesight and are starting to lose it. They tend to be a bit more open minded.

I don’t mention endmyopia to many. My family knows, but my daughter is the likeliest candidate. No interest.

A friend of mine, high myope, recent retinal tear–no interest.

I’ve mentioned it to a few people I met in passing, but I have no way to follow up with them.
The problem is that to non-skeptics, we seem the delusional ones. Blur adapted and fooling ourselves into thinking we no longer need glasses. :crazy_face:

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Yeah just like a flat earther lol


I don’t mention Endmyopia to anyone, except for closest relatives (well practically it’s only my wife who knows the full deal, and my father knows something). And that’s why I don’t really inclined to help Endmyopia by spreading the message on social media, write reviews and so on: I don’t want to deal and argue with real-life people.

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Hear, hear. :slight_smile:

I’m a take it or leave sort. Only argue for fun but only with people a am close with.

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I’ve gotten that way, too. Have tried enough times and gotten the “meh” response that I only bring it up if there’s a reason.

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Over the past few years, I’ve had this experience several times. Went through a spurt of debt clearing down to completely debt free, and everyone was like, “Why? Pay back today’s purchases with tomorrow’s lower-value dollars” Ugh.

And then I got into yoga for health, and started to really feel and look a lot better…and again, “Meh.”

I gave up animal products in my diet, and lost 50 lbs, and it was like, “Everybody’s just different man, that won’t work for me.”

Now I’m on this #endmyopia journey, and I get a lot strange looks, although sometimes I get a hint that some are intrigued. But honestly, I’m mentioning it less and less. But I’m not a savage. I like to help people, and if I sense they might be open, I do mention it.


I told all my friends but managed to get only one of my them in the process of improving his eyesight. He was fascinated and convinced in one conversation. So it goes to show that it doesn’t matter how convincing we are, what matters the most is who we are speaking to. It needs to be someone open minded, skeptical about mainstream stuff in general and prone to self improvement. He is long sighted and was a bit corrected for myopia as well but now most of the time he doesn’t need his glasses for reading and he got his far distance eyesight back!

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Thanks for all the positive feedback.
The interest of people or family basically comes down to what you’ve all been experiencing.
To me it’s almost the same deal like with alcoholics. The person has to want to get better themselves otherwise it’s not working.
Some are afraid they might look silly with the cheap glasses, some say that it requires too much effort and discipline with “all the measuring and remembering to take off/change your glasses”.
People are lazy - they all want the easy fix.
That’s why the “fitness and wellness” industry makes billions with their “3-minutes-a-month-and-you-are-ripped” training programs and why gyms usually are bursting in the beginning of January but empty again in mid February.

I convinced one co-worker and she’s been following the EM method for 1.5 years now and she’s - I think - down to 5.25 from 7.xx iirc. But it worked more like I raised her interest for what I was doing (don’t exactly remember how the conversation went) and she asked questions. You just can’t talk people into this stuff.
At least my wife promised to join me when I catch up to her (she’s at -1.5 in both eyes). I’m telling her it would probably take her not even a year to be glasses free and it probably takes me 1.5 years to catch up to her. I don’t get it. %-)