Time for my introduction

Hello everybody,

I’ve been admitted to the forum for while now, but haven’t been active on it so far, except for reading some posts about active focus. So I think it’s time to introduce myself.
My name is Michael and I’m 49 years old. I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 12. My highest prescription was: R -3.25, L: -2.50 & -1.00@178°. I got that one in July 2020, after having used a prescription that was -0.5D lower in both eyes (so R: -2.75 , L: -2.00 & -1,00@178°) for over 5 years. When I started wearing the new glasses I noticed they were too strong for use with the computer, so I kept using my old ones for the computer. I have an IT job BTW, so I spend a lot of time at the computer… Fortunately I realized long ago that I didn’t need any glasses while reading, so I’ve been reading without glasses for years.

After half a year with my new glasses I noticed my (weaker) right eye was staring to get worse again (blurry subtitles when watching TV). That’s when I stated to investigate what causes the eyes to get worse, and whether there’s anything one can do about it. This was in January 2021. I found the Bates method first and soon after EndMyopia. But I focused on the Bates method first and stopped wearing glasses, except when watching TV (and for that I used my old glasses). Going without my glasses was no big issue for me in general. Working on the computer without glasses was a challenge though, so I ordered a pair of -1.00D glasses to use with the computer and (wanting to use a weaker pair when watching TV also) a pair of -2.00D. Soon after though I found all the information about differential and normalized glasses on EndMyopia. So by the time the glasses got here I knew they would be to weak for the intended purposes. But I started using the -1.00D with the computer anyway, since it was better then no glasses at all.
Finally I got a pair of -1,50D as differentials. And since didn’t miss the cylinder correction there, I decided to get rid of it in my normalized as well, seeing it as a chance to both get rid of the cylinder and equalize both eyes at the same time. So I got a pair of -2.50D glasses as my first normalized. I got used to those very quickly. The left eye was pretty comfortable with it but the right was a bit more under corrected. But I stuck with them and haven’t regretted it so far. Two weeks ago (after seeing 20/20 with my left eye and 20/25 with my right eye with -2.50D) I decided to further reduce my normalized to -2.25D and my differentials to the -1.00D which I originally ordered for that purpose. I’m quite comfortable with both now.

So far I wasn’t really on board with the EndMyopia method however, since I didn’t get Active Focus. And since the whole method is based on AF I didn’t think it would be any use to me without the ability to do AF. But then a week ago I suddenly discovered AF! And not in any of the ways that I’ve read about… :wink: But that’s a topic for another post, should anyone be interested, since this one is already getting far to long as it is… :wink:

So far I had only been wearing my normalized to watch TV, but now I’m also wearing then outdoors on my walks to practice AF. And I find it amazing how clear the world looks to me even though I’m only wearing -2.25D now. :grin:


Welcome to the journey

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You sound good. Congratulations on being on your way!

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Welcome to the journey. It looks like you already have a great start.

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