Tips for active focus indoors

Alright, so a fair number of people are rather landlocked. Can we please share tips for active focus indoors?

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mine is when watching tv and mobile,(so bored in indoors) :sweat_smile:


I spend the first half an hour to hour without glasses. And I remove my glasses for all meals now.


I put my PC monitor / notebook at the distance over 60cm. Now, my notebook is 80cm from my eyes.

I should have more blinking and AF in front of my monitor, but i forgot to do it. When I blink 2-3 seconds, and open eyes, my monitor picture (text) immediately clears up. (AF focus).

My differentials are -2D (both), and i have diopter (i think) -3.5D (both). Normalized are -2.75 D (both)

Stay focus! :wink: :eyeglasses:


sahi h(good) and yes stay focus