Tips for people with desk jobs?

So, my schedule is kind of brutal for my eyes. I have a desk job that requires me to sit at a computer for 8 hours a day (of course, I do 2 get breaks, but each only last 15 minutes, which definitely isn’t a long enough eye break). I always make sure to wear my differentials on the job, and I take vitamin A, C, and E to maintain good eye health. I also do the 20/20/20 rule while working, and usually get 1 hour of distance vision most days. Is there anything else I can do to ensure my eyes will improve and not get worse?

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Doesn’t sound that bad to me. I spend 10-13 hours in front of my screen most days, don’t get 1 hour of distance time and still made significant improvements.

Other things you could look into are f.lux to reduce the blue light and thus reduce eye strain, and Monitor Arms to easily change screen position.

There’s also some evidence that reading light text on a dark background is better for myopia than dark text on white background (click). I personally don’t like it but it may help.


I find that white text on dark background is harder to active focus. I wait until focusing black on white becomes easier before using dark themes.
Of course one could just move closer, but it’s a huge hit for morale.

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Thats’s exactly what put me off as well! White text on black background never gets quite clear for me, at least on a screen.

That’s interesting. So, you actually mainly improve from closeup active focus with your differentials, rather than using your normalized glasses outside?

Interesting. This does not really work for me. Guess everyone is different


8 hours and two 15 min breaks?! Sounds like slavery, borderline. :joy:

My main comment on this is always … some things you can’t change. It’s what you do with all the other hours in the day. If you ride your bike to work, have lunch while looking in the distance, and go play racketball after work and then build model airplanes with your kids till bed time, then the day screen isn’t that big of a deal.

On the other hand if it’s phone during breakfast, phone on the train to work, phone during lunch, phone on the way home, iPad till sleep … then maybe less ideal for improving.


Agree on this for my own case. I find white text on black background more “bold”, which keeps me farther away from the screen than with black text on white background. I can also see double vision with white on black, which helps me keep a mindful of it along with active focusing.

A standup desk helped me alot.
I find you’re more likely to jump around the office, do the 20/20/20 thing etc.

Also obv. natural light and being near a window if possible.

Also, I totally understand and believe you that your job is demanding and you have to spend alot of time at your computer. But I’m always sceptical that people need to be looking at a computer 8 hours a day, everyday, like a clock. That sounds like habit and routine to me rather than the realities of work. Like, sometimes the work that needs to be done is 6 hrs or 7.5, 8.5 or 12 hrs and 32 minutes. Every day is different. Taking advantage of that is important.

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whats your rx and how much progress did you make. Could you share how you made improvements through your habits and screen time