To clarify regarding plus lenses

Hi everyone!

If you can see my previous posts, you’d know that I had some questions regarding plus lenses. However, things have changed from that time and now and I just want to clarify some things! I think it’s important to also note that I’m a high school student and as of right now, school is online so I’m looking at my computer screen for 6+ hours a day so plus lenses really will be the most useful technique (I also don’t have enough time for af).

  1. I plan on getting contacts really soon (like I’ve already booked the appointment) and so just to clarify—when purchasing plus lenses (which will go over my contacts), I should be able to see on “the edge of blur” from where I’m sitting, right? Or do they need to be somewhat blurry?

  2. I’m a teenager and most of the time, I communicate with my friends on my phone. Therefore, should I also consider buying a pair of plus lenses for that?

  3. Can someone explain what differentials and normalized glasses are? I just keep getting confused

  4. Is there any way to calculate/approximated the prescription I’ll need for my plus lenses?

I’m sorry if this post seems long or dumb. I just really want to make sure I get this right! Any additions tips or posts that I should take a look at would be helpful!

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Hi! You will find all the answers with the best and clearest possible explanation here (and even more material for any questions that might come up). Best of luck =)

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Thank you!