Tomorrow: Flying To South Thailand

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Diopter numbers vs. whats-the-point-of-freedom!

Sticking random little videos snippets in the Youtube videos. Not well sorted, but the idea being that the real actual problem with myopia might be not having a reason to go outside in the first place. To see stuff not behind a screen.

How do we get more of that into the narrative in general? Inspiration to go SEE stuff?

As a starter example, the old Jake brain - a few weeks in Bangkok to tie up some business ends, and getting anxious about having done nothing eyeball-seeing worthy in weeks. Same routine every day. Especially since having spent years slowly moving the boat’s trajectory towards freedom, and away from trading freedom for more money and obligations.

Flying to Thai islands from Bangkok in off-season, will cost you about $60. Including flight, bus, and high speed ferry. Bungalows at the beach are about $7. Renting a motorbike, maybe $3. Making less money by not being in the right places at the right time (ie. office in Western country), but enjoying the fleeting time we call life seeing the actual earth and things on it.

I used to keep detailed budgets via phone app for years and years (because, dork). Fascinating stuff over time. For example, used to spend about $400 per month on average, living on the beach in Vietnam. In a very nice resort town, three bedroom house a block from the beach, motorbike, eating every meal out, at least once or twice a day at the coffee shop, including every and all expenses. Not trying to live cheap, just how it turned out. Or for example Eastern Europe similar life at about $1100 a month (could have been done much cheaper, quite easily). And yes for whatever reason you-know-who prefers to live like a bit of a gypsy (no fancy hotels, no five star restaurants, no chauffeured limousines). More interesting people in simple places, and no having to worry about getting too soft.

I do sometimes post on Instagram, though not really like serious travel bloggers or Insta-lifers or people with fancy video skills and ambitions.

What’s your take on $$$ vs. freedom? What would you do given a guaranteed stream of x-dollars every month, vs. your current lifestyle?


Good subject. Right now I would like to have more money, but so that I can have more freedom. That’s the whole idea to me. I don’t need a lot of stuff. Or real fancy stuff. My wife and I recently bought her a 20 year old car for $1500 cash and it gets her everywhere she needs to go. And we love it. We don’t care what anybody else thinks about it.


I used to literally live in my car to save the $600 on rent to instead pay for part time cold-caller / sales people time. At $10 an hour I was able to multiply my time significantly, with the minor trade-off being sleeping in a comfortable Saturn wagon and a $10 gym membership for showers.

If you think of money as stored time, being able to leverage it to multiply your efforts, it suddenly becomes a powerful tool in making more of it.

Cheap cars FTW.

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A friend of mine from univerity used to play Dungeon Keeper day and night, for months. At some point it dawned upon him that he was spending all that time so that his stupid binary character could obtain more and more skill points, but he himself hadn’t really learned any real skill at the same time. He stopped playing and started to learn riding unicycles and juggling - just so he would get some skills himself for a change.

I found this really inspiring, so I also learned to unicycle. I will never forget the rewarding feeling when suddenly, after weeks of trying (and failing), I could just do it, without really knowing how. My brain had processed the information and put it into the subconcious. It was like magic.

I’ll never understand how people these days can spend all their free time passively watching videos or playing computer games. I think they are missing out on a very important human experience. The satisfaction that comes with a task that is hard and takes a long time, but finally pays off. Everybody wants the quick result these days, but that’s really so boring…


Someone I know once said, “the secret to wealth is living not withing your means, but beneath them and liking it.” I hadn’t thought of it this way before, but it makes complete sense. If I had an endless stream of money, I’d take time off work, travel, and rock climb. Looking back though, I think that having motivation to go see stuff was never an issue to me. I’m fascinated by what nature has to offer.


Yea. Most people, the first time they make money they fall into the trap. (I did for sure)

Then you realize all the most interesting people are broke (or let’s say, less inclined to pursue financial means) and staying in tiny cheap places in areas far removed from pomp and circumstance. And that most valuable experiences are free, or close to.

My ideal proposed scenario would be building a highly valuable skill set which can guarantee an ongoing small income stream without locking one into a specific location or otherwise binding commitments. Like a close friend who runs a bunch of hotel properties but does translating online on the side. She quit recently and has that skill and income to easily fund living without much “have to’s”. Probably will be my gentle nudge for my own kids, though happy to also pay for traditional school if they want to be lawyers and doctors or whatever. :wink:


That is so true! Very common - the more money, the more BS.

In Germany, there are some people calling for such a guaranteed income, (for instance the boss of “dm”, the leading german drug store), but so far it is not seriously considered by the government.


When everything shakes out after years of spoiling myself, love the tiny house idea and using income to help others local and abroad. I’ll always remember in Bali at a hotel resort, yet seeing impoverished people in the street. When parked at a convenience store, this old lady with one leg was in the gutter staring at me through the tinted glass. I wasn’t dressed appropriately and didn’t want to get out. She kept staring so I finally ran out to give her something. I couldn’t believe how selfish I was to refuse her because I didn’t look right.

The civic center I worked at had 400 homeless. I still think of them every time I use the restroom in the middle of the night…where do they go when they have to go? Breaks my heart. If my 2 business endeavors take off here, I’d love to see the rest of the world but not from the vacationing perspective. I’ve spent enough on me.


Very interesting question. At my current state I don’t think more or less money would change my obligations much, I mean obligations with family, mostly children. My brother however chose a different life and it’s more similar to yours. At some moments it seems that he envies me and at some others it’s me who envies him. But indeed a constant and decent income would certainly give me the chance to work less hours and maybe explore that forbidden life I cannot have now. Oh too much think about this on a summer weekend morning :slight_smile: