Too Much Distance Vision

I found my self looking vigorously on far objects for quite some time and then felt pain in one eye.
What does it mean extacly? Is it a muscle?
How long should I rest?
Thank you!
(It actually improved my eye sight…)

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Distance vision should be relaxing. Are you wearing the right glasses for distance vision?

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I think your eyesight is improving.I think you are finding active focus and your cilary muscle is hurting because when a muscle hurts it gets stronger.

Can’t I do distance vision without glasses?
And I found a way to make distance vision more effective and quick by staring at a specific object in the distance and kind of trying not to look away from it.
Did that a lot and felt some sort of pain when stopped when I stopped looking.

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You shouln’t feel pain. Only maybe slight watering of the eyes.
You may be able to see your ciliary muscle moving. But no pain.
If pain pesists please go to an opthamologist.

No pain? There are many kinds of pains to be experience during active focus, especially if your ciliary body is in a bad condition.
Saying that there should be no pain is potentially misleading.

This is my comprehensive list of pains:

  • stinging/burning/pulling sensation active focus making use of ciliary body (someone says it will stop when the ciliary is completely released)
  • cramps: tried too hard, time to rest your eyes or reduce challenge
  • itchy pain: always bad, stop what you’re doing
  • pulsing pain: bad, time to rest
  • sharp pain: bad, probably overworked muscles, time to rest
  • soreness: overworked, time to rest

We’re agreeing.
Let me rephrase.
Its not good to have pain while trying to do active focus.
If you do, stop doing active focus and follow Alex87’s comments.

And pain while doing distance vision without AF ? What does it mean?

That depends on your distance to blur. Ideally you are not looking far beyond your distance to blur. You can only clear a small amount of blur.

And if for example I don’t clear all the blur, is there any problem with that? Won’t improvey eyesight? Not healthy?


As long as you clear up any amount of blur, that’s the habit. Some people can clear up a huge amount of blur, while some can only clear up so much. Eyesight will improve and adjust with the constant stress of clearing up blur.