Too much reduction

So I was eager to buy glasses and dioptors I would be able to use for all progress. I bought the same frame for any future need to swap lenses. I decided I was ready to decrease and my next lenses was at .50 lower left eye, .25 lower right eye and .25 lower cyl. I was thinking it may be too much but decided to go ahead and give it a try as my cm for left eye indicated -2.25 so at -2.00 I thought I could make that .50 reduction. Well that was an awful 2nd day for me. I had waited till about non the first day to try to new lenses and things felt fine just out of focus. Then the next morning back to my work schedule and I had the worst time. My eyes felt like I had them dilated I couldn’t get them to relax.
So I knew right away that was not going to work out for me and I settled on just reducing the dioptor in the left by .25 What a difference that made. I know it is not clear on the left because if I close my right I see it but the stress of both eyes changed isnt there and I can still function well. Plus after only a few days I feel my left has responded much quicker than i thought it would. Thought i would share in case others were considering struggling through too much dioptor changes.


we just had a good back and forth about reducing in the ocular dominance chat. It starts with equalising questions but jake and David then go on to talk about reducing in general with some really great nuggets of wisdom in there.

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