Too Weird The Bits?

Is endmyopia (the site) too weird?

Various mainstream journalist friends, as well as tons of random e-mails with complaints about the obscure humor, massive rants, and outrageous allegations about optometry.

My take is that part of the point of endmyopia, and being figuratively and literally vision-deficient, is rooted in too much TRUST in institutions that aren’t meant to benefit us. “I don’t find this trustworthy” is a huge pet peeve for me, and every time I hear it I want to make the site less trustworthy.

Don’t trust, I want to shake people. Question things! It’s like we live in a world of consumer-religions, instead of science-based inquiry. Trust the doctor, trust the professors, trust the corporations, trust the politicians.

Has the hippie-ness here gone too far from normal people’s sensibilities?

Example, current home page: (lolz)

Is that too much, though? Is it doing endmyopia a disservice, starting out that hard core? Should the entry point be a bit more vanilla?

Thoughts? Rationales?


I like it as is is. Even if it was “normal” it would be considered to be a con. I actually believed in it more as it looked like it was written by an actual human not a company.


The NY Times lasik article may have brought more exposure to endmyopia than the usual internet traffic. With 900+ comments and counting, there must be many more casual readers such as lasik victims like me as well as optic professionals perusing the conversation and maybe curious about endmyopia as a result.

At first glance the site might be a little jumbled with 20/20 gains, and maybe the Holy Guru Face, while EM members think it’s hilarious, the average inquiring mind might not get the acquired taste immediately.:grin:

Honestly though, I love the quirkiness and personality of EM…reading success stories in their own words. The expressions of gratitude are amazing. If you want to appeal to the mainstream internet surfer, maybe a standard dashboard with drop downs menus About Us, Basics-Active Focus, Testimonies, etc might work but it’s kind of too normal and boring.

Suggestion…maybe have an opening video…your last video on too much close-up and not enough outdoor time was so perfect. It was EM in a nutshell. A couple of video testimonials from your most improved students may be compelling for visitors to read more about the method basics. EM is a hidden treasure and those who figure it out, have fun doing so. One FB post itemized some of the habit changes…maybe bullet point the tips with underlined links to related videos. The best thing the site can offer is hope, especially for high myopes, that the bleeding can stop with a change in habits and simplifying those points might be an easier read for the average inquiring mind.


I think one of the reasons why I feel that you are trustworthy is that you feel real. What you are saying is consistent, and the way you are acting is also internally consistent. Reading and listening to you makes me feel like I know you. And I think you wouldn’t say things you did not believe in just to get more likes. This is most important I think. Having said this, maybe the first page could be a bit more inviting? Lure them in, so to speak.


Oh no, I love the quirkyness. To be honest, most of the time, when people on the internet sound too serious while revealing a health conspiracy, they’re usually trying to sell you something.
I was drawn in by the language, actually. All the ranting and sarcasm felt very real to me. Also, I came on the site when I already distrusted optometry, coming from that other reduced lens method that shall not be named, so all the vitriol towards the standard excuses of the so-called professionals really resonated with me lol. And all backed up by science, even! I also thought someone trying to scam you would try to sound more professional, and wouldn’t call the readers kittehs :joy:

But, I do understand some people might feel different about it. At the same time, I’m not sure that the people that are put off by the weird can be the rebels that you are trying to reach.


Meh. I don’t think I’m a good judge of what people want. The attitude you’re doing seems to be working to bring in the number of people you want at a given time. And above all, you have to enjoy it. People underestimate that. You’re putting a ton of work into it, so you personally have to enjoy it. And having your persona seems to be part of that. At some point, I would go through and clean up bifocal when you mean binocular and anything like that. Maybe a blurb about blur adaptation and what it means to endmyopia vs optometry. Maybe include something about plus cylinder. When you get around to it. :wink: I think you could do those edits without changing your whole personality. :slight_smile:


Its a hard question. Like someone else said, I’m not sure I’m a good judge of what works with people. I’m kind of weird. I think the type of person that would have a problem with the website might not be the type of person that would actually do the work to improve their own vision. How short sighted of them! :wink:

Its a hard balance to find. If you would have looked more “legit” I would have probably been more skeptical. Its like politicians, the more polished they look usually the more full of crap they are.


Tough one, indeed.

I also think that it doesn’t matter really what it looks like.

These days, you can’t trust anybody anyway, no matter how professional it looks (maybe even more suspicious if it looks professional?). So, in my opinion, this will not take off because it looks good. It will take off if people will tell other people that it just works.

So just do it the way you like best :slight_smile:

Cheers, Michael


I personally enjoy the rants. However, I have rants of my own about the medical industry being completely symptom focused, never addressing causes. As others have said, I feel that what you are saying is real, and it aligns with some of my experiences.

Ultimately, I think what goes on the site depends somewhat on what kind of people you want to attract. Anyone who isn’t willing to go against the mainstream and think outside the box likely would find the whole concept weird anyway. Softening the opening could maybe help ease people into the concept a bit more, but it still won’t attract those who blindly trust these institutions.


Yea I think so too. At least the first impression could be a bit more to the point and less requiring a leap of faith.

Challenge for me since every word I type looks to my mind as immediate red flag. “Myopia is not an illness” - the most basic of facts, but I can put myself in a new visitors shoes and I’d immediately go “ok yea sure buddy, I’m sure all of modern optometry is totally wrong and you just figured out some new magic”. It’ all sounds like an enormous, far fetched conspiracy theory.

I guess that’s why I play right into that notion via the whole guru thing. I think I for one would be at least passingly intrigued by the degree of sarcasm and over the top premise to read on for a moment.

But then I’m obviously a bit of an outlier. Nice to read here your views, so I don’t live in my own echo chamber of confirmation bias. :smiley:


Well, Jake, it seems conspiracy theories are fashion nowadays, and I also think that people that believe little from what they are told are more likely to get into your webpage. Anyway it’s good that you don’t use that word often because mainstream managed to give it a bad meaning and most people would run away scared of your profane webpage if they read that word, haha. Anyway and letting apart the issue if all vision business is a big conspiracy against human beings (which I’d agree it in at certain point for sure, sorry I do like a bit the conspiracy world, it’s entertaining at least :slight_smile:) the main point is that your writing style (apart from not easy for intermediate students of English) is fantastically genuine, and as other people said you contact us very closely with your style, with your way of doing things, of speaking. It really seems we know you from all life and it’s a very important point. Of course no need to say you don’t need to change absolutely anything, because the way back to 20/20 will be long for some of us, and making it so fun an interesting is a big plus for us to keep on the track. Thanks for everything you do and mostly for the way you do it. And let me add that if your webpage looked serious I’d never believe you. :wink:


Jake, I love the rough sound of your website. I wish it stays that way - it makes it real!
The industry laughs at us and takes our health (and money) - so you can continue to write sarcastic and cheeky over it.
Personally, I first discovered the YT video by Todd Becker (Myopia: A Modern Yet Reversible Disease - Todd Becker, M.S. (AHS14)). Here, my eyes were first opened (without sarcasm) - after that your style came just at the right time, when I understood what happened to me (with my eyes).
Perhaps a small brief introduction to the main topic (its not an illness), based only on facts would be appropriate for the people who are still too much in the mainstream thought…

Unless you do not want to reach those people, which I could understand as well, then I prefer not. :rofl:

… can you even read and understand this? I try to express myself better with the help of the translator …:roll_eyes:


I agree. I feel like, for instance, if I told people around me about endmyopia, they would already have it in their head that it’s not going to work, or not going to work “for them,” before they even see the site. It worked for me because I already believed myopia could be reversed.

And of course, even if people could believe it was possible, they would find some way to not be able to fit it into their lives. (I know–I kinda did that for like 3 years.)


I personally love the way the site is. Like others have said, the sarcasm is what makes it real. Of course, yeah, not everyone appreciates that.

I think it’s the same with the way you have the information in that it’s not so straightforward, not so very “user-friendly.” You really have to dig to figure out what you’re doing. Basically, you have to use your brain. And I think the language/tone of endmyopia is in that same arena. Not only do you have to use your brain to actually figure out the endmyopia method, but you have to let your guard down and be open-minded to a different kind of thinking and view of the system.

But who knows? As endmyopia grows, maybe you might want to tone it down. BUT, if you are still not after likes or money, why change it? I think, overall, people will change their lives only when they are ready to change. So I think the sarcasm and stuff isn’t a deterrent for the people who are really ready to reverse myopia.


It is interesting, I talk to people sometimes about endmyopia (many of these people I consider to be smart people) and most of them respond with interest and seem to want to believe what I’m saying and maybe they do believe, but then they don’t seem in a hurry to go look into it further. Now, I do understand if someone is just not in a place at the moment to make a change or very busy or something like that.

I personally stumbled onto the info not even looking for it, which prompted me to look a little deeper. I found the idea of reversing my myopia to be revolutionary and something that I wanted to dive right into, so I did. Made mistakes in the beginning because I didn’t know what I was doing yet, but I went for it. Wish I could find something to do to make money that I am that passionate about. :slight_smile:


This is a key statement. I think the idea of being able to reverse myopia was easy for me to accept because I already had a different kind of thinking and I almost never trust the “system”… about anything.

Something I’ve noticed about the world is that, when any organization has been around awhile or gets too big, it usually looses sight of what its original intent was. The original purpose and intent may have been good, but now its more about sustaining the organization than helping people or whatever the goal was. Look at education, government, health care.


I like it this way Jake
Probably this the filter for the current group of people
And it seems to work well

Most of the comments just reflect the optimum state it is in.
For sure I am not a blog or website guru, but it would not be more trustworthy if it was regular looking.

It looks genuine this way…

The language is sometimes a bit difficult to me, as a not native speaker, yet it is funny and attention catching at the same time…

Keep pushing the mainstream.



I have no problem at all with the way it’s on the site, but don’t know how other minded people are thinking.

The most important thing is it looks real from real people and not some marketers.


Hi there!

Completely agree… we have neven been thought to actually challenge our beliefs, the news or any authority in a white outfit :roll_eyes: yet, most people think they’re critical and thinking for themselves. The thing is if they’d start questioning optometrist they would have to question so many other things in their lives too. And where would it end?! :scream_cat: Oh well. Don’t change anything. Some people aren’t ready to take up responsibilities for themselves and will always just want to trust someone else to do the work and thinking for them. That’s why there is such a thing as mainstream and it is just the easier road.


Well, in an ideal world it would make sense. After all, for society in total, it would be more effective if there are specialists. Think about it, who would want to learn all the trades involved in building a house? We would never be able to build one ourselves (look what happens to Tim Allen in Home Improvement ;-))

Problem with mainstream optometry is, it’s compromised. It’s not using the latest scientific knowledge due to a conflict in interests.

In my opinion, it should be politics guarding the public and making sure that mainstream business is not compromised by unethical interests. However, look at what politicians are like now… :open_mouth: