Too Weird The Bits?

You know, so much of what we believe is turning out to be mistaken ideas or occasionally downright lies that benefit others. I’m still upset that the nutritional advice I was raised with was less founded in proper research than I thought it was. I don’t much care what kind of presentation I see. I look to see if an idea seems to have merit, research it to see if it seems plausible, and decide if I want to try it. Although things that won’t hurt me come with a very low requirement of proof. I’ll prove it by testing it on myself. With Endmyopia, the second Jake said I don’t have to settle for poor vision and that the eye is a stimulus response system, it made so much sense. I leapt for it. In my opinion, there was no risk, no downside. Go for it! And I have benefitted so much more than I ever expected. I’m getting tons of clear flashes and can get really good active focus on sunny days with -1.25. So amazing! I started at -4.25. I’m going to make it all the way to glasses-free one of these days!

Also, I really like the ranty, kind of sarcastic attitude Jake has sometimes. Makes me laugh. And also reflects my attitude toward the people who are causing this totally stupid epidemic. I feel so sad and angry when I see a kid with glasses. I want to put an end to that immediately. I want everyone to know how to fix their eyesight or even never get poor eyesight in the first place!


Definitely not too weird! From those bits and your attitude in general, I sensed immediately that this is someone who actually grasps how fucked up the mainstream is (I hope swearing is OK here :grin:)
Other commenters have captured a lot of my thoughts. I’ll add though, that I think a kind of sanitised summary of some key points in other languages would be useful, as someone suggested recently in the FB group. I can imagine that if someone’s English isn’t too great then Le Grand Meow’s style could be a bit hard to penetrate at first :wink:


I’d keep it the way it is. You have the seven-day email series, which is an outstanding introductory sequence. It is enough for entry into the EM world.

If you like the way it is, then keep it. You are not going to please everyone anyhow.

I enjoy your rants and thoughts. All my life I’ve felt alone in fighting against people following blindly and just doing what others told them to do. Finding like-minded people - and a leader! - is phenomenal.


I like it, I think if you try to make it look normal and professional it’s going to look just like an internet scam. The way that it’s laid back shows it’s sincerity.


For what it’s worth, I love the site, but I will be honest. I am pretty quirky with a very dry sense of humor… So I get it. I was also desperate for a solution when I found your site, so I was completely willing to keep reading ( and see if you were serious). With that being said, I often have difficulty getting my message across to individuals that lack an appreciation for a dry sense of humor, or even a simple ability to read between the lines. It is hard to get a tone of voice across in text alone (and I always read before I watch a video) and many people take things completely literally and just don’t get it. Of course, these types of people may not be into trying anything off the beaten path anyhow. Who knows? What I have learned is that you can’t be everything to everybody… No matter how hard you try. I read some comments above that suggested maybe some more normal things at the beginning of the site to address the accurate science side of things. I think this could be helpful. Then maybe you could follow up somehow with a funny disclaimer or warning regarding the more interesting and quirky tone of the site to follow. This could be reassuring for those that just wouldn’t be able to understand otherwise.

Anyhow, know thyself; be true to you. Your passion for this really comes across and if people get to know you, they have a wonderful opportunity to learn.


I think that once you uncover some of the hidden truths that have been engraved in your mind to believe for years, centuries and during the pass of civilizations, you cannot pretend to be ever the same. Endmyopia unveils a dogma that says that myopia is irreversible, that your eyes can’t be cured. If we are extatic enough now by seeing that our beliefs that something was wrong about that were true, can you imagine how Jake felt some years ago when without any help and almost no evidence he managed to reverse his myopia? How do you want him to write in the blog? He’s not the same any more, he cannot write in an academic way and I bet that if he was younger and not so wisdom bearded like now, he would write more cinically and fun than now. So… if someone finds that Jake’s site is not serious enough let me say that most of the serious websites may be fooling you nonstop, taking for granted that their forms of speaking will make the message true. Researchers for the truth will never stop, will not hesitate just for some irony, will not surrender at the minimum doubt. Real researchers for truth will go ahead and dig under the knowledge being hidden in any misterious ways or complicated words. We are here, we know that dubious people will never do it, but we also know that we only removed the first stone, called myopia. I will continue however, this was only one of the challenges. What is next? Where do we need to get? This is certainly a broader issue but the seed is inside all of us. This is also an issue for other forums, haha.

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As someone looking for info on how to improve eyesight, the sarcasm didn’t bother me as I was so intent on absorbing the info and learning how to fix my vision. Hey it’s free info, why complain about how it’s presented? Some people are just too darn fussy. As a former (and quite sarcastic) radio DJ, I’ve no time for people who don’t appreciate a bit of humor and who can’t laugh at themselves!


It’s a bit jarring for sure, but I personally found it all more believable because of it. “You can’t afford to be this crazy unless you just know you’re right” -kind of thing.


Given the audience you are trying to reach it is exactly what it needs to be. If it was more clinical and official looking, you might get a bigger audience, but they are not the kind of people that you might want to guide back to emmetropia.

You want people who look beyond the surface and are willing to take the time to explore this knowledge you are offering. They aren’t buying a product, they are regaining their eyesight. A more polished look might give the impression that you can just buy it and it’ll be done. You keep the people out that will cause you a lot of headaches, time and frustration. They don’t dig into it and people who don’t do that aren’t worth your precious time. The people who do, they are the ones that will make the effort that is necessary to triumph.

So in my book and my humble opinion, it’s exactly what it needs to be. Keep the whiners out, get the motivated people in. Just my two cents.


Very well stated, congrats Laurens

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The website when I first joined literally felt like Alice in Wonderland going down the rabbit hole.

If you go too hard into the paint for normies you will probably deter critical thinkers.


Add to that an old and very very wholey guru’s well cultivated disdain for normieworld.

As you’re saying normie I really am reminded how I’ve forgotten to lean into the rants and inside jokes and obfuscating things, lately. :thinking:


Bring it. As a wise man once said, don’t pander to the peasants.


Damn. That’s super tempting. :laughing:


I think there is a way to present an idea as EM without having it look like a scammy ad OR like a super-serious place. You can show character and quirk, be real and still be less, let’s say, visually misleading. The EM wiki is a good example for a presentation of information with personality!


I think that if the homepage had a simple Active Focus how-to miniguide well visible, that could help sucking users in because “WOAH IT WORKS” and then they would be more forthcoming to endmyopia’s quirkyness.

At least, when I was trying to tell other people, the ones who tried AF and saw something was actually happening were the most excited.

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So gloves off: The style wasn’t really appealing for me originally, I am quirky, but my quirky is different. The guru thing is really far off from my style and once I added up the meows; I could only relate because my husband loves that movie too (me, not so much). And I still think in nonEM terminology that is more literal (near-work glasses and distance glasses…) All that said the style grows on you and is so core and established I couldn’t imagine it changing, and I wouldn’t ask for it to, for fear you (Jake) would lose interest, besides it is your thing, so you do it your way; nothing wrong with that. And why uproot a foundation that is firmly holding up a really great thing?! Besides as others have stated the quirky (rather or not it is my brand) gives and ironic kind of credibility to the whole thing.
The sarcasm and rants are more in my lane, so no period of adjustment there. I totally get that the passion behind them is why EM is even a thing. It is maddening when the establishment is violating the trust of the people it should be serving, if there is a calm and cool headed way to take that on, I can’t imagine what it is. And anyone who can’t relate to that passion isn’t a candidate for EM anyways.


Always love feedback, @Reannon!

I totally get it. And depending on my mood that day sometimes I cringe fairly hard at what exactly goes on. :joy:

Other days the idea of having less people stick around makes me feel so much better. The most surprising thing is that despite the worst presentation on all of the Internet, we still get invited on some seriously well known podcasts!

(they probably don’t really read stuff first, and most of them are otherwise already friends / in the group of extended circles … otherwise we’d likely be sitting by ourselves in some far corner :grimacing:)