Topics: The Next Le Secret Meeting? (Anti Vaxxer Conspiracies?!)

If there was to be another Le Secret Meeting episode … (🎥 Gemily, Reannon, David, & Jake: Le Secret Meeting)

Who would you want to see on it? What topic would you want to explore?

I for one have found some interesting members here, and insights on various health topics that were otherwise surrounded by too much noise and hype and contradiction.

Le Secret Meeting could be any combination of participants. I for one don’t even have to be in on it, if ya’ll feel like organizing your own chat. As long as it somewhat fits here, I’ll be glad to upload and share it regardless. :grimacing:

Chats about … topics. Personal experiences, your own deep dive research and rabbit holes, things that inspired you, that you’d like to share.

Let’s hear it!


In the facebook group there seem to be a lot of parents lately so perhaps myopia in children might be a topic of interest.

Personaly I would love to have a chat about astigmatism. Mainly because it is sooo difficult. I have not understood astigmatism until now (disclaimer - probably I will have another understanding next summer) and I am a low vision therapist, I do have some kind of proffessional knowledge of the eye and eyesight and still did not understand how astigmatisms real inpact on my eyesight. And I have a feeling that I am not alone.
Hope my spelling and english is not too bad. :smile:


Seconded that on astigmatism, for very selfish reasons :smiley: (I know this is endmyopia, not endastigmatism but still)

Also I’d love hearing what outdoors Active Focus feels like for others, and what daily habits have been most helpful.

As to who, well, whoever feels comfortable enough chatting online and sharing their experience (and wearing fake beards) , no pressure!!


I definitely think there is call for an active focus collaboration. I would like to see one of these that hits on that first active focus experience. With detailed descriptions from everyone present. Count me in for this one since I haven’t quite mapped this out on my channel :blush: Also I would like to hear @jakey first AF experience, I haven’t found that anywhere. And I doubt I am alone in that interest.
So if anyone else is in on this “le secret meeting” let’s hear it. Naturally there would need to be a cap if interest exceeded expectation but there could always be subsequent meetings :grin:. So who is in?


I got a notification as though someone had tagged me? I don’t feel like I can be on one of these chats before I start seeing measurable progress.

I’m digging into something called Tension Myoneural Syndrome, which deals with how emotions can create pain in the body. I would have thought this topic total bunk, but just went through a bout of pain that had no physical cause. I’m almost out of it and I"m having some interesting thoughts on the connection to eyesight.

The guy to lookup is named Dr. John Sarno. He was a physician at the Rusk Institute and successfully treated thousands of patients for back pain when conventional medicine had failed them. I like him, because like EM, he rests on as much clinical science and observation as possible.

I had thought of doing a post on this topic or making a video, but haven’t gotten around to it yet.


While most idea in this thread is about Endmyopia topic, Jake not necessarily intents these chats (only) about Endmyopia, but they could be around other topics too. For example there could be a chat about barefoot shoes too, where you could definitely be a participant :slight_smile:
On the other hand I don’t think anyone tagged you, so that must be a bug in the forum engine :thinking:


I’m probably just confused, I got this in my notifications, which usually means someone linked to your post, but I didn’t see anything like that?

Maybe it’s because someone linked to a post I’ve read?

It is probably linked to a thread you were watching, you can change the status from watching and shouldn’t get notifications any more. A tag would tell you, you were tagged though so definitely different.

I see the problem now :slight_smile: If you check the link in Jake’s first post in this topic, it links not to the “full” topic, but to your comment from the topic (which is the last one currently). You got the notification, because a link to your comment was posted in this topic.

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It’s not a bug, it’s a feature.

I do have a crazy postulate regarding active focus I would like to hash out. It may be proof that I am insane, so I feel like I should only present it in person in order to articulate properly without the frustration of using my thumbs to communicate. Unfortunately I have the equivalent of a spotty dial-up internet connection on a cheap phone at the moment, so streaming video isn’t something I can do at least for another month or so.


Sounds like you should be contributing to the pool of student videos then. You can record and upload from a hotspot :grinning:


I’m the type of person who can’t even leave a proper voicemail simply because there is nobody on the other end. Doing six thousand takes of “hey guys” doesn’t sound appealing to me. :sob:


:joy::joy: the struggle is real! And 95% of the time I hang up on voicemail without leaving a message :laughing: I figure the missed call is sufficient to say “call me back, when you can”


Ohhhhh good one. Also probably shouldn’t have me in on that one to hijack the conversation, since I went and made my own shoes for quite a while there (and even gifted and sold some to various Yoga hippies and friends along the way).

Yes maybe ole Jakey is secretly a massive hippie, infiltrating the mainstream.

Had the same problem.

Possible fix: Put up whatever recording device, hit the button, and start of with a rant / ramble / whatever that you KNOW you’ll delete. Eventually you find a groove and then just keep talking - edit out the “warm up”. :wink:


Just had somebody on (need to edit the episode) who had significant astigmatism - got rid of it without much trouble, though. :thinking:

I’d be down for a cylinder episode though we would have to find somebody who has things to add there - I’ve got a small bag of astigmatism tricks but whether they work depends a bit on the individual scenario.


But it’s soooo wierd though! It compounds my utter distain for selfies x 30fps🐙


You should create a video only from these warm-ups :rofl:


Totally up for a chat about active focus. I am a huge fan of anything to do with tuning in to your body. Feeling, discovering, understanding, and gaining control over parts of you you weren’t even aware existed. It’s crazy. To me AF is a little like childbirth. Once you understand it and figure it out, it becomes, well…natural. Recently I was explaining the difference between active focus and ocular divergence to a friend - not that I know what I’m talking about, just my understanding of it - because I discovered I can active focus with each eye individually, weather the other one is open or closed. It’s a fascinating thing, the eyeball. The brain even more so, really.

Aaanywax, I’m also SUPER interested in this:

as emotions, pain and the body really hit the spot for me -

as well as barefoot life, earthing, the whole foods diet and sugar topic, although @Laurens has covered a lot about those recently, and anything to do with freedom from products marketed to us as necessities - other than glasses that is - like shampoos, detergents, cleaning products, and the shitload of chemicals we apply to our bodies on a regular basis.