Transition from normalised to differential make one eye worse for half of the day

Old prescription -3.75,-.75cyl and -3.75,-1cyl
Normalised -4.25 both
Differential -2.75 both
Whenever i transition from normalised to differential or vice versa, vision of my right eye became worse for half of the day .I can only wear normalised or differential and if i change normalised to differential one eye is unable to adapt to it.
I am suspecting that my visual cortex is not recting properly to the change.
Is anyone have some insight about this

have you had any other prescriptions between the old with the cyl and the normz with -4.25? because if not, it is quite a big change. you exchanged 1 cyl with spherical equivalent (so -3.75sph with -1 cyl has a spherical equivalent of -4.25) - although on one of your eyes you only had 0.75cyl, so you kinda increased the strength of the glasses for that eye i believe. i don’t think its recommended to swap as much cyl at once. so you kinda exchanged 1 D cyl for sph equivalent and also tried to equalize normz at the same time, which should take time according to EM guidelines.


I’d check what it was like if you used your old prescription for distance and the -2.75D both without cyl for differentials. If that worked better, I’d definitely stay with that combo for a few week to get used to changing between focal planes and not having cyl close up. And once that feels comfortable then I would consider changing glasses for distance vision. Distance vision is more sensitive for the drop of cyl. If at that point you still struggle with switching between glasses then I would consider adding back some cyl and reducing some sph, e.g. add back 0.5 cyl and reduce 0.25 sph
I think your eyes and brain are in a bit of a shock from the multiple changes at the moment.