Trial lens set / trial lens kit

Recently brought a trial lens set off eBay. On first test it seems I was wearing weaker glasses then required so I switch to a older pair yesterday, that resulted in a bit of a head ache by the end of the day, something very rare for me.
So today, I been testing using the lens kit and discovered something is indeed off but not the glasses(!) as after a while I worked out the diopter given in the lens set is 0.25 more then various corresponding glasses. So for example -3.25 lens match a -3.0 glasses. -3.0 lens match my 2.75 glasses etc.

Quite shocked about quality of the lens set especially as one of the points of a having a trial lens set was getting more accuracy in my diopter readings.


I’ve been debating on whether or not to buy a test lens kit. I could imagine that you’ll get more accurate results this way as long as you remember the discrepancy between actual glasses and the lens in the kit!

Where did you find yours?

Mine was from on eBay, they are imported from China.

One issue with a trial set is lens placement. With glasses the lens fits near to the eye, but in a trial frame the lens is placed in front of the frame perhaps doubling the distance it is from the eye.

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Even a trial lens kit overprescribes us! :scream:


On further investigation this might be more complex then I first stated.

  1. Testing lens with the trial lens kit quickly gives me a head ache.
  2. Distance from eye ball to lens has an effect.
  3. Seems that the PD on the trial lens set comes with a fixed 64 PD that don’t match my glasses.
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Just look through the clearest point on the lens!