Troubleshooting - why is my vision better with a slight downward head tilt?

I am joining this conversation a bit late, but it interests me as I also have the tendency to tilt my head upwards to get a downwards gaze when working at my computer, and this is without glasses. When I started using the Snellen, I found that a downwards tilt also gave me better vision. I discovered this because my 6m Snellen is opposite the stairs going to my mezzanine. 6m is sitting on the 3rd step of the stairs, which gives me a direct gaze from eyes to chart. Sitting 5 steps higher up is 1m further and 1m higher, giving me a downward gaze to the chart. I can see almost as well sitting on the 8th step as on the 3rd. If I stand on the 3rd step, I also get the downward gaze (and better vision), but it is more comfortable sitting on the steps when doing AF for any length of time :smiley: I figured out that this is because of my droopy eyelids (from an early age) which interfere with a direct gaze but not a downward gaze. It is the same when I measure cm distance, both for the stronger eye and the more myopic one - a downward gaze along the 60cm ruler gives slightly better distance to blur. It costs me extra effort to raise my eyelids. I am also astigmatic (oblique, mirror image) at 50 and 110, but cannot really see a reason why this would make me prefer a downward gaze. So for me I suspect it has nothing to do with glasses :nerd_face: , but with eyelids (and probably also many, many years :older_adult: of reading many, many books :books::books::books::books::books: )

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