Trying to eliminate CYL first, but still need some correction for work. Is this a good strategy?

Current vision:
R. -1.00 -1.00
L. -1.00 -0.75

Distance glasses:
R&L. -0.25 -0.75

Computer glasses:
R&L. +0.25 -0.50

I work with computer and I have to read network traffic logs. The software used for this uses really tiny text that I can’t make bigger. Working without any correction forces me to bury my face into the screen and strain while working slower. Using -0.50 SPH allows me to sit further than arms length and work much faster at ease.

I used to be more CYL heavy and was going with the strategy of dropping my SPH down first but it seems like I had the opposite effect and my latest refraction now matches the CYL on my distance glasses. Wearing those works great for both up close and distance, so I considered that all I need to be 100% glasses free is to just get rid of the CYL.

My thoughts. I need to replace my current distance glasses since there’s no room for CYL improvements left. I can either go with -0.75 SPH only, or I can go with -0.50 SPH/CYL to keep the CYL consistent between both computers and distance.

I’m not sure what’s the better strategy right now.

for the normalized - I don’t know why you have equlized the cyl as the first go step, or started using normalized before adapting to the differentials first, if I got it right.
about your question: best thing to do is to check with a test lens kit in the optometrist’s office how those 2 options feels like to you, maybe you will be surprised. that said, I presonally have found that cyl is something you don’t want to take lightly (literally).

I don’t know where to find a test lense kits and never been to an optometrist where I had free reign to try out test lenses. I don’t think any place will let me touch test kits with covid19 going on.

My CYL was originally -1.25 R & -1.00 L. Those glasses weren’t originally equalized on the CYL my eyes just equalized to them over 6-7 months.

About the differentials…
I originally had prescription glasses I only used in necessary driving conditions and a pair of non-RX Gunnar Optiks which are gaming blue light glasses that have a little over +0.25 SPH (not specified on product but verified by lensometer). The ditance glasses gave me headaches on the computer. The Gunnar’s made it easier to work.

I started my 20/20 quest with -0.25 SPH -0.50 CYL driving and +0.25 SPH -0.50 CYL differential. I found the driving glasses just not strong enough in bad driving conditions so when those broke I ordered -0.25 SPH -0.75 CYL. At the time I was thinking I should just work on eliminating the SPH

Anyway. I don’t have test lenses or access to them. I’m thinking the -0.75 SPH (no CYL) is the better way to go because I only wear the differntials when driving rather than all day. If I wore differentials all day long it would probably make more sense to have the CYL stay constant with the -0.50 SPH & CYL pair. Come Monday I’m placing an order for one of these options.