Trying to focus?

While I was going through my centimetre measurements got this strange observation where my eyes started to focus and cleared the blur.
I did not squint, was just normal, trying to focus and got this cleared.
Earlier during the day, the same thing occurred. When i was trying to focus, the blur cleared.
The sharpness stayed for about 3 second (approx), i think; and when i blinked, the blurriness came back.
When i tried the same thing, i.e, to focus on a particular word immediately after, my eyes started to water but the clarity did not appear back.
Would someone please explain me, in case you have come across a similar experience.
Also, I am not sure whether this a clear flash or active focus.

Just that I am unable to share my experience through images. Sry


Don’t worry about it. As long as you can clear the blur it’s AF and it doesn’t need to be 100% clear either to be AF. Sometimes your eyes are tired and you will have days where AF is better than others. A clear flash or AF is still beneficial. Just keep going and practicing.


I’d say that sounds like active focus


Tried to challenge my blurriness limits, and yes it did [the text] came to sharpness.
But, couldn’t get on hold of it for more than a few seconds. My eyes started to water and i blinked, ----sharpness gone. blurriness reappeared.

Is is normal to have the eyes water? Or may be i am doing a mistake.

Thanks. :grinning:

Yes, watering eyes can happen. Just don’t force your eyes to hold it too long, otherwise you’ll find you have very tired eyes the next day and they won’t active focus


:+1: thanks

I agree with @JenniK. If the “water” comes with forcing (straining / squinting) that’s not good. But if it comes with soft / relaxed eyes, it should be nothing to worry about.

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