Tunable voy glasses win award at CES

Hi, haven’t been here for a while… just noticed that voy glasses received an innovation award at CES.

They claim to be easily tunable between -5D and +2D in 0.1D increments, so they sound perfect for endmyopia. Quite tempted, though I’d want to see a review of the optical quality before actually committing. (Also slightly concerned about the longevity of the adjustment mechanism.)

Anyway, thought someone might be interested…

If nothing else, they could be an alternative for test lens kits. I would not use permanently anyway because of the frame (too wide) and because it’s polycarbonate lenses.

Edit: also no cyl. Which makes them less useful for many.

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Surprisingly on 79 bucks. Yes look very bulky.

I’m betting the reflections on the air spaced lenses would be too bothersome for every day wear.