Unable to find active focus after a month

Hi everyone,

I am reaching out because I am unsure how to achieve active focus. I have a pair of normalized lenses that are about 0.25 weaker than what I need for perfect vision. I spend a lot of time outside since I’m in college walking around a lot. I also take my glasses off for close-up work since I am a low miope. It has been about a month and I have still not been able to clear any blur. Is it possible I just need more time? It goes without saying that I have not seen any vision improvement yet but I blame that on my own impatience. Do you all think I’m on the right track? Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!

Try with differentials first because they have more space of blur. Look at different text sizes and in different distances. Text must be readable but blurry. Then just blink 50 times while lookin at it. Your eyes should clear the blur up at one point at doing that. Once you experience that, then you know what to look for and can try how to do it always but do not enforce active focus. Mostly it works by itself.

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Thanks for the detailed and informative response! I’d love to hear more about your journey. Any chance you could link a post if you’ve made one about it?

It took me about 3 months to find active focus. This is how I finally found it:

The thing that really helped me where the power lines. Something about the high contrast and the long straight lines apparently makes you brain realize pretty quickly what to do to get the image focused properly.