Hello all, I was just thinking when we are dependent on glasses for whatever reason and stage, surely our eyes would get better on their own? Is the key to most of this process the exercises themselves ?.I’ve been unaided for years and stuck at a desk,pc and other device’s. May be it has sped up my decline.

I see the logic in training and reducing lens and dependency, but the work has to be done for the exercises themselves.

It is probably a pointless topic but just so I I know I am needing more time on the charts and exercises.

Have you read resources related to EM? There aren’t any exercises to do, it’s not a bates-like method. You should definitely do that and get your teeth stuck in so you know what it’s all about :slight_smile:

Try the wiki FAQ, videos on YouTube, etc.

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But my confusion lies with improving if you have not been reliant one glasses and I feel more so. So if I just wear glasses and say at a less corrected lens…how would my eyes get better without more stimulus

There is “What should I do?” and “How does it work?” The best we know has already been written. The community wrote the awesome wiki. I suggest you start the process and then read while you wait to see how it works. You will see the stimulus - yes stimulus is required. It is active focus.

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But not the bates method/ approach. Just the focusing on the Snellen chart and for astigmatism the circle and other stimulus