Uncorrected astigmatism -> myopia progression?

Do you find studies that suggest astigmatism (high, asymmetrical, chromatic aberration etc) causing form deprivation thus progression of myopia when left uncorrected with or without correction of spherical refractive error?

I feel I ordered reading glasses (differentials) without astigmatism correction in vain. This is way too terrible to read at 50 cm from screen with uncorrected astigmatism somewhere about 2 diopters. Yes, I knew, it could be like that, but in time astigmatism was better by about 0.5 diopters, I read from screen at 30 cm just fine. However, 30 cm and 50 cm is a very big difference.

I neglected correction for 2 and 1.5 astigmatism for two months, then again for half a month, and it was not only not improve, but got worse to 2.5 and 1.63 with worsening of myopia. Could it be the reason?

Also, I am too tired with unstable vision (changing with each blink) contact lenses give me. While glasses would to be like Sph -9 Cyl -3.5, I am “tempted” to give spherical and cylindrical glasses a shot.