Undercorrected - how to increase diopters?

That’s it! I’ve finally admitted to myself that I am undercorrected. I cannot really say for how much time but it’s definitely been a while, probably more than an year. And it’s not by much - definitely less than a dioptre, according to my measurements, but it is enough to make me feel uncomfortable after realising I live in blur, and definitely not helping any kind of progress.

So, it seems I will have to make an increase, but what is the proper way to do it? I searched the forum and it seems that some people just jump to what a full prescription (or normalised) might be, while others do it in steps of 0.25D over a (sometimes) extended period of time. What are your tips/advices on this?

As for why I’ve waited so long before accepting the undercorrected status - I have this fear that when the eyes are blur adapted, they consider this the “norm” and when given higher dioptres, I fear they are going to want to have the same blur level (even without close-distance stimulus) and therefore try to get more myopic just so they can have the same blur. I am pretty sure that this completely irrational but I would like to hear your opinion on it and whether there is actually any kind of truth in it.

Thanks in advance!

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If you can’t tolerate wearing the full prescription right away, it might help to go up in 0.25 steps before going down again.

It really depends on how blur adapted you are. Have you tried the full correction? If it is uncomfortable you can go in smaller steps. Yes, some people who are quite sensitive and highly blur adapted go .25 at a time but you could try .5 at a time too, it would likely be ok.

I am going to have to agree that your theory is fairly irrational, and quite the opposite of fact the more likely scenario is your brain decides that all the blur is the norm and then you can’t clear blur at all, being on the verge of clear and then clearing that bit of blur is the stimulus you need to improve. With no expectation of clear or even a reference point for it you are not likely to see progress. On the other hand, I expect you will find that if you use correction as outlined by the EM method you will have a fairly comfortable journey with fairly predictable progress (baring undisclosed medical condition). Pretty sure this should finish saying where I am going with that though: Normalized - YouTube Best Wishes

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I guess you have less than -2D because you don’t mention differentials.

As irrational as it sounds, if this is in your head then you can make it happen by the power of mind. I’d recommend increasing in steps and working on clarity parallel. This means finding plenty of opportunities to see things absolutely clear. E.g. if you should increase a full diopter for a proper normalised, increase half a diopter and stand as close to the Snellen or the bookshelf as needed to see text clear. Not just “can read / can make out” but clear and sharp edges. Step even closer if needed. When you find the clarity step back and hold it. Gradually you should be able to increase the distance and the time holding the clarity.
And even if you are in the myopia range that doesn’t require differentials, make sure you keep a good distance from the monitor (and the smart phone, TV, books, etc) to get your eyes working for you again.


Thanks to all of you!

Nice video! Although I already know all about the normalised correction, it was good to watch someone explain it once more, just as a refresher.

I’m somewhere in that range, yes. A full correction might be something a little bit more than -2D. And yes, I don’t need differentials for many close-up activities but I still wear -1.5D for the computer as I keep my monitors very far from my face - something like 1m. The problem is that I use this same correction as normalised too. A mistake I can’t really trace back to when I started making but nevertheless my plan is to get on the right track and that starts with proper normalised.

Thanks again for the advices and for the encouragement that everything should work out fine. I’m going to try going up by steps of 0.25D and I am confident that I’ll be on the right track soon enough.

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