Uneven Astigmatism in a SINGLE Lens?

I am currently normalising my astigmatism. Currently at -1.00 dioptre of astigmatism in both eyes and now normalising to -0.50.

I noticed that when I look up towards the top edges of my glasses, it seems as if everything is clearer and that I feel as if I’m in a ‘stronger’ astigmatic prescription. But when I look through the middle of my lens, that’s where I can see the directional blur and clear it up.

Is this because of the quality of the lens (they’re really cheap) so the astigmatism is not even in all places? Or is it that you just have a sharper focus when your eyes point more upwards? Or is it just a natural curvature of all lenses?

I would guess its your glasses. With lenses there is more perceived plus power as you move them away from your eye, also there is probably some distortion in the edge of the lens.

That having been said, I’d be curious to see what happens if you do this without your glasses. Maybe when you’re looking up your eyes are getting shaped a little bit differently. Eye exercises that supposedly help with astigmatism involve rolling the eyes back and forth as if you are following a rainbow from end to end, so maybe you’re getting better vision out of your eyes when you’re looking up (???)