🤓 Update: Endmyopia Outreach Efforts (and stuff)

Little update on the tending of the endmyopia gardens, here. Maybe less interesting unless you like behind the scenes, and why I’m so slow at everything!

As you might have read, our initial efforts to get the podcast interviews into the to-do list rotation, failed somewhat spectacularly (to the tune of $1,500, wasted). https://community.endmyopia.org/t/bummer-we-got-scammed-out-of-1-500-by-the-podcast-management-company/2332/6

On my to-do list for spreading the word is 1) write some content specific to the sort of things people search for on Google and 2) to get media exposure for niche specific of audiences.

For item 1) I’m still in the slow process of building the keyword list.

It’s an important thing and something I’ve ignored since the start. People search for things related to eyesight, and we don’t come up other than by chance. Google ranks endmyopia very well, it’s just that I don’t write things specifically geared towards keywords. That, a thing on the list to improve.

For item 2), the outreach, that’s been a bit of a long and storied effort to find somebody to manage finding sites and blogs and groups where endmyopia could be well received.

It takes a combination of brains (identifying the right kind of audiences), organization (keeping good lists), and communication prowess (you gotta get their attention, figure out what benefits them to get you on their radar).

Harder to find than one would think. I’ve given a half a dozen people a shot over the past couple of years, with less amazing results.

Most recent was hiring that podcast company, which made a ton of promises but didn’t deliver at all.

Right now there’s a new PR company on the roster tasked with the same thing, and they’re looking a bit more promising. Right out of the gate they scheduled a pretty good podcast (should be doing that one next week probably). Complicating factor is always the time zones (I’m literally on the opposite time of most podcast time zones) and the Internet connection. And, noise. Finding a properly quiet place, with reliably low latency Internet, and it not being in the middle of the night - oh the luxuries you don’t even know you have, if you live in the US!

For the podcast I’m thinking heading to a proper town nearby, renting a hotel room, using the relatively decent phone Internet, to make an interview work reasonably well. Definitely plenty of hurdles in the way at every step.

And of course the other items list never ends, either.

For example on the code end, PHP 5 security updates are about to be discontinued. It’s some server thing that’s quite important, since it runs most of our stuff. But then there’s a giant pile of things that aren’t compatible with PHP 7 yet, and various bugs that have to be sorted to migrate. Not a huge deal other than having to hire a developer, babysit, make sure everything works. But it’s always something.

And the thing that runs the BackTo20/20 member program no longer has support from the original developer. So everything about it is slowly falling apart. Migrating to something new meant testing out the various solutions on the market, seeing what’s most usable, and then finding and hiring and managing a developer to migrate everything from the old platform, to the new.

It’s things like this that don’t add any tangible value, that eat up a lot of time. And it’s not just those two, but always a pile that takes me a while usually to sort through.

So, bleh. There we have it.

If you want to help, outreach is really the #1 thing. Finding good podcasts, sites, communities, contacting moderators and hosts and such, saying hey, yo. Eyeballs are being held hostage by big optometry. Let’s talk about it.

I’ll continue working on solving all of these challenges anyway, but if you feel compelled to plant in the garden as well, these are the things that’ll have the most impact.



Thanks for the update Jake. It is truly amazing that we have this wonderful forum for sharing info and success stories. I don’t believe any similar site exists for a structured natural vision improvement with the forethought that you’ve put into it.

Most keyword searches bring up endmyopia. This will be a true find for those commiserating online about their failing eyesight. The Meow group can certainly assist in compiling a list of keywords we all used in finding EM. Thanks again for all your efforts and giving us a peek at your challenges.


Don’t know when I’d have time to do this,but perhaps we can pull together a list of podcasts and have le meow folks contact them. If we get many inquires to some targets, maybe that could help?

I tried some if this earlier this year without success, but worth another shot.


With podcasts I’m thinking that getting some of the smaller ones will build credibility and exposure.

When I did the first one I somehow got connected to the second one and after the second one I had dozens of inquiries from other podcasts (though at the time not anything I really wanted to do).

That and things like Twitter mentions and retweets and such. If enough people bring it up, it’ll get attention.

I just haven’t properly started to put in the legwork to get to step one. :smiley:


What exactly can we say here?
Hey, ther’s that blog, have a look - honestly, noone (except us kittehs here :cat: ) wants to read through your blog, do they? :wink:
Do you have, like, a summary or something? Can we say you’d be up for an interview? How should they contact you if interested? What would you do for them? Links, a blog post, or something?

Especially if you listen to the podcast (or just get a basic idea of things to compliment them on), a “note from a listener” could be good, possibly. Like hey, love your podcast, especially recent episode about this and that, you really need to have Jake on and talk about myopia. It’s a giant epic money making scheme, nobody has broken eyes, I think many of us listeners would love an episode.

That sort of thing. Could reference other podcasts, like Daniel’s. https://www.danielvitalis.com/rewild-yourself-podcast/building-better-vision-jake-steiner-96

I do have a one sheet but that’s a bit too commercial sounding for a casual intro, possibly.


Here are some thoughts regarding item (1):

  • Instead of writing content specific to what people are searching for, take advantage of your existing content. You already have a ton of articles covering a range of topics. Take an existing blog post, research its keywords, and optimize the post for SEO. That would be a lot less work than writing a new article, and you can take advantage of any existing backlinks (both external and internal) that your old article already has.

  • Is your site hooked up to Google Analytics and Search Console? If not, that would be a first step. If it is, go into Search Console and look at your search analytics. Sort by your top pages, and see what search queries are associated with your top pages. If there’s a high volume query that you’re already ranking for (but not on page 1), then it would be a prime candidate for optimizing. Get a list of keywords for each page. You can start by adding your target keyword to your page’s title, and fleshing out the article by talking about your secondary keywords.

  • Another way to build a keyword list is to look at your competitors. Do you have a list of domains that are your likely Google competitors? If so, look up their keywords to see if any would be prime targets for you. Once you have a list of keywords, sort them so you start with keywords with highest volume and lowest difficulty.

  • There are also non-content things you can do. Like getting a better web host, since page speed is an important Google ranking factor. Your current one is giving you a slow TTFB (time to first byte). I am seeing 0.7 seconds for TTFB, which is really slow. You want to keep that under 0.3s. And use a CDN (content delivery network) like Cloudflare which is free. Also, getting backlinks to your site. The podcasts will help since they link back to you in show notes. I would also take a look at signing up for HARO (help a reporter out) and respond to any relevant queries.

Hope that helps. I’m a blogger and spend a lot of time on online marketing, so let me know if you have any questions.


Thanks, @julia.

Yes site is connected to all the Google stuff. It gets about 4.000 sessions a day at this point. Host is a bit of overkill server and running all the extra stuff like $$ litespeed (instead of free and quite slow Apache) - the page loads according to pingdom are fairly epic (and cost me quite a bit of time and money to get to).

1.13 seconds for a page with a ton of dynamic content, Youtube videos, related posts, images, the e-mail form and all the javascript and css … literally thousands of dollars and a bunch of trial and error.

Google does rank us very well for most keywords. I’d rather not rewrite content, had some less than awesome experiences with lowered rankings when messing with existing content - experimented with that somewhat extensively and was surprisingly not great for results. (mostly based on recommendations to make content more “sticky” as well)

Competitors, aren’t really any. Mainly it’s mainstream sites that cater to vision questions as well but are very broad, and then the usual Bates Method stuff. There again though, back to having to go for keywords people search.

Yes backlinks. Experimented with various strategies there a bit over the years, but ultimately decided I didn’t really care enough and just focus on creating content that actual readers want.

I’ve never been a fan of SEO, only when the procrastination route hits the "tech’ part of the to-do list I get curious and go down the rabbit hole of how all that works. I also did https (that was a painful excursion into mistakes that cost us 50% of traffic for 6 months+) and amp for mobile, as well as various pieces of the site fully separately created for different screen sizes. (1/3 of repeat visitor traffic is from iPads, so random!)

Podcasts and proper PR is kind of high on the list now, as well as various “tricks” I’m being told by people in the industry. Such as for example putting some of our videos into the regular Facebook page rather than just Youtube - since FB as platform apparently gets a fair bit of potential views, and our “conversions” from social are about 4x higher than from search traffic (conversions counted as people who sign up for the e-mail guide). I really want the core part of tthings being real people telling other real people, vs. hoping that we stay in Google’s good graces. But still…

Fun stuff. Always happy to compare notes and see what works! :smiley:


I’m not a huge fan of SEO myself. My own content strategy is figuring out first what I want to write about and, as a secondary concern, figuring out how to best promote it. As opposed to the other way around, like picking a keyword first and then figuring out how to write content for it.

After I decide on a piece of content I want to write (for example, let’s say my topic is “pecan cookies”), before actually writing the post, I’ll brainstorm a list of all the ways a Google searcher can describe what my content is. So my list will include things like shortbread cookies/christmas cookies/tea cakes/etc.

Then I use a keyword tool. If you don’t have one, I suggest https://neilpatel.com/ubersuggest/ or the Chrome extension Keywords Everywhere for a free tool, or Ahrefs for a paid tool. https://answerthepublic.com/ is also good for fleshing out related topics in your post. Pop your list of brainstormed keywords into the tool, and it’ll produce a long list of related keywords for each one. You can export into Excel, and sort. Pick a keyword that accurately describes your content and has the highest volume that isn’t super competitive (which you can tell by looking at sites on the 1st page on google or difficulty metrics), and any secondary keywords that you also want to target in your content.

A keyword tool is also very useful when you’re going about this in the other direction, like using keywords for ideas and creating content for them. You can add common vision-related keywords, and see what the tools give you as related ones. You can also go into Search Console https://search.google.com/search-console, to view your search analytics performance and see all of the queries related to your content. Thousands of ideas there for new posts. If you have the Keywords Everywhere chrome extension, you’ll also see the volume next to each keyword.

Once you have a list sorted by highest to lowest volume, go down the list and see if it’s something you can write about. Google the keyword to see what kinds of results come up, to make sure you understand that keyword’s searcher intent properly (e.g., you don’t want to target a keyword filled with ecommerce sites on page 1).

Anyway, that’s how I go about it. SEO is boring, but you’ll probably get more consistent return from it than outreach methods :slight_smile:


Thanks a million for taking the time! I’ll poke around the keywords (sigh) and do the grown up SEO stuff. :wink:

Also seems we should add some kind of appropriately awesome title for you. Thoughts?

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How about PR-manager? :grin:

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Those are big shoes. Currently in a semi-active search for an actual PR manager for the whole project.

Or perhaps com expert?

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Oh, wow! Very impressed here! Thanks, @julia, for that SEO-for-dummys -crash-course! :+1:

And Jake, thanks for the sheet! I’m not very much of a podcast one, and not so much on other forums. But I did comment here and there and added that endmyopia-link :wink:
But if I come across something podcast-like, I’ll think of it!
I’ll also keep telling people about you - it’s becoming kind of a hobby right now, telling random glasses-wearing people you meet about endmyopia. No idea if they will ever look it up 'cause most, I just won’t meet again (someone in the long line to a public lady’s bathroom right in front of you, the guy that operates that zip-liine… just a quicK: Are you sick of your glasses? Wanna get rid of your glasses? No, NOT Lasik! Check this out! It’s weird and chaoitic, yes, but it’s fun, free - and works!).

And thanks for these behind-the-scenes-glimpses. You are really doing a whole lot of work, thanks once more!


:smiley: That’s kind of awesome.

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Brilliant brainstorming @julia…Jake, maybe Research Strategist :wink:

Thanks guys! Let me know if you have any questions about online marketing or blogging, and I’d be happy to share what I know.

And I can’t think of a good title. Maybe something less serious :smile:

Less serious…broadcast broad? (I’ll delete this if it offends you)

Guardian of the blogosphere might be cool.

Any TV series that you fancy? That could provide some nice titles :smile:

Haha no offense taken @Laurens. And good idea about the TV shows… ones I like include Game of Thrones, Modern Family, and Man In The High Castle. Lately I’ve been watching more fantasy/sci-fi stuff, and some Amazon Originals since I have prime membership.

GoT is awesome, so final title suggestions from me:

Khaleesi of Comm., more Steineresque: Comm Kitten or even Kitten of Comm