Updating endmyopia.org (again)

Le Meow, off to a slow start!

As usual my best intentions are ending up spread in 400 directions. As mentioned over in the Facebook group, right now one of the distractions is the https migration of the site. If you’re not familiar with any of that, great for you.

Basically Google wants to force secure connections. I tried to get that done before, but as always it’s either do it yourself, or good luck with whoever you hire to do it. Whoever I hired to do it turned out to have forgotten one little step, which meant that we lost about half of our traffic (and haven’t recovered fully since).

Finally forcing some of the available endmyopia time to get that figured out. Soon Google Chrome will display all sorts of nasty messages for “insecure” sites, so basically no choice but to get it done.

Of course changing that will cause 10 other things to break, and things like site speed will have to be figured out again and money spent on all sorts of the latest licenses for things.

Good. Times.

No big deal. Just to explain why I’m slow going at getting Le Meow up to speed.

Still definitely on the priority list, and we’ll definitely see more content, more focus, more engagement here to start getting ourselves away from Facebook as sole dependence for all of our community efforts.


We appreciate your efforts Jake for our benefit. Thank you for the update.

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Google sucks.
Take your time, we get all this here for free, no need to apologize :wink:

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What Mare said. We really appreciate it. And here I was thinking you were off doing something interesting…

Wow! Sounds like a pain. I definitely appreciate all the hard work you do and have done to make all of this info available to us.

Thanks for the effort Jake! Sounds really headache indcucing!