Used Test Lens Kit - Finally Arrived

I am so excited. My used test lens kit finally arrived. I went though it to see what may be missing etc. I purchase a old used kit off eBay from a optical center.

Jake website and videos show that he really loves them and use to even purchase them in bulk and pass them out. However, he no longer does that as he mentions, often times the easy to get kits ranging from $200 - $300 are usually very low optical quality.

He states that most would only need to use the kit once. So instead of making that investment find a friendly optometrist.

Those that would benefit:

  • Those who do not have high myopia but a complicated focal plane situation (such as high astigmatism).

  • High myopia with complicated focal plane issues but with the caveat that they would require a “Profession Optical Quality” kit. (Hence, my reason for purchasing professionally used kit off eBay.)
    Which is again the reason for him recommending a “friendly optometrist.”


Very nice. I’m sure it will be useful and fun to play with.


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