Using Contact Lenses Close Up

Hey guys,

Is it okay to use contact lenses during close for short periods of time? Let’s say 20 minutes phone use or even a couple of hours with beaks in between.

I was told that after the age of 21 your myopia stabilizes regardless of close up time. So I highly doubt it will my make my vision worse.

I also have a lot of distance vision throughout my day, which would compensate I feel.

It is just inconvenient to remove the contacts for small amounts of close up.

Will this hinder my progress or make my vision worse?

You will learn a lot here if you take the time to do so. For instance you will learn that this:

is not true.
And almost certainly neither is this:

To answer this:

It might not make your vision worse if it is not doing so already but yeah it will hinder your progress. To learn more enjoy the many free resources available.


People doing it in contacts use plus lenses / reading glasses for the close up sessions to offset the lenses’ power.

I’d suggest turning on the “screen time” function on your phone as people tend to underestimate the time spent on their phones. Big time!