Using Natural STOP Growth Signals to Prevent Excessive Axial Elongation and the Development of Myopia

“Early intervention would appear to be desirable, as would regular monitoring of eye development in all children. The application of plus lenses and myopic defocus could then be delivered to children in a controlled regime in order to maintain children close to emmetropia, despite the environmental pressures. In this way, modern schooling, which appears to contribute to the development of myopia, may also provide the organisational basis for its ultimate prevention.”

Credit to Louise. (though this one is somewhere in the science section already as well)


In my opinion glasses should be banned altogether for treatment of myopia in children. Let them have that 1-2D of pseudomyopia, world is not going to end if they don’t see faraway things properly for some time


@RutwikDixit Sounds like a clearheaded policy approach. Kids shouldn’t be driving (or piloting planes) anyhow. :wink:


Maybe it’s more doable with today’s technology e.g. if you can give every kid in a class a tablet which shows the current teaching material then they don’t need to see as far as the Blackboard. In the past this would not have been possible

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But that’s close up time then… the blackboard gives the eye distance focus… oh the dilema

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oh yeah, damn…