Using reduced contacts

If I see blurry with reduced contacts I keep looking at distance signs when driving will that cause my eyes to improve and get used to that lenses and see clearly?

If you have blur, you cannot realistically judge how much you miss from your vision and how much that would mean when it is critical - especially when driving. So the recommendation is to always wear corrections that will make driving safe for you and for people around you. Driving is distance vision time, your vision will not get worse by wearing glasses that may give you even 20/15 acuity. Stay safe.

I think you have missed a few fundamental concepts. EM is not about living in blur, it is about providing a tiny bit of room for your eyes to work for themselves and allowing them to do that work via active focus. This might help with active focus: A little help with Active Focus - YouTube. Also as Bianca said stay safe, driving time is not a good time to take on a lot of challenge.