Using screen to relax eyes!

I’ve noticed this crazy thing let me know if you experience the same.
Remove your specs and play this offline chrome dino game ( )
I am high myope (-8) but still can figure out some obstacles
Playing this for like 2-5mins and then wearing diffs improves clarity and eyes feels relaxed!
Let me know if you have the same feeling!

I wonder if it isn’t just the short zero diopter reset that relaxed your eyes, and not the game. I can’t try it for myself as I don’t wear diffs.


I did experience the same, somehow, though I am not sure it is a good thing. Basically in order to see the rapid movement, I feel my eyes “defocusing”, a bit like when you’re trying to spot movement in your peripheral vision. I am not yet very literate when it comes to eye strain sensations, but following the dinosaur somehow got rid of a tight feeling that means I don’t know what.

But maybe not all close up activities are equal for eyesight.

After listening to a few podcasts lately, I have to wonder if the effect of this game is not linked to optic flow. The motion could make the brain believe it is in movement which has relaxing effects overall, not particularly on the eyes. Something like looking out of the car’s window, I used to find it very relaxing as well.


A bit like EMDR therapy for PTSD - sorry about the alphabet soup. I am not so sure it would work to reduce myopia, and replace real distance vision and real movement.

p.s. This looks more like trying to pour fuel and water on a fire at the same time. :crazy_face:

Oh there was never question of reversing myopia with games. Eye exercises here get a bad reputation because often it is assumed they are going to be used as shortcuts or replacement for actual, natural stimulus. I personally think that if you are doing the right thing with your eyes and that some exercises bring you some measure of relief, then it is absolutely okay to add them to your routine. Of course not applicable to you because it is unlikely you would get enough eye strain to feel relief from eye exercises, without counting on your very understandable dislike for the things.
Some members on the Discord have, for instance, reported feeling that they manage their ghosting better by using the astigmatism app. I personally noticed a small decrease in ghosting by using it (that comes back within the day or at most the next day, no luck in making any change permanent so far), but it wasn’t conclusive enough for me to stick with it. I come back to it from time to time, to test my active focus on it and see if it won’t help a bit, one never knows. Not a fan of exercises but if something makes a positive difference in a way that outweighs its inconvenience, I won’t discount it. It all comes back to whether you notice a difference short term, because no one can stick to something they don’t know is even working.

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Once again, in full agreement. And as I have no experience at all with any video games, I don’t know what I am talking about.

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I thought at least one of the objections to exercises is that you are likely to get bored and stop, whereas building the stimulus into everyday life and making it a habit means you are more likely to continue with it.

But if you absolutely love a particular game, for example, and can play without correction, maybe it overcomes the boredom problem.


I also believe that may be seeing movement instead of static text helps the brain to relax or focus better. Not sure though…
But anyways it was just an observation, I do not do it often for relaxing eyes. Outdoor stimulus is best!