Usman: Suckah's, I Got All Teh 20/20 Gainzzzzzzz

Ok so he definitely didn’t say that at all.

But if you’re in last diopter territory, you can probably use some motivation anyway:


So much familiarity in that final stage. Good to read that others are experiencing the same thing. Great work Usman! (Not sure what his username is here).

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Thanks Jake and Laurens! on the Facebook group I am ‘Ussy Khan’. Glad to hear that you are familiar with what I am experiencing, happy to discuss low myopia/the final stages and of course meet others at a similar stage on here.


You are making great and impressive progress, what did you start out with if I may ask?

Great job! Keep the gains coming!

Great gains and love your email!

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Congrats, awesome job!

Thanks! I started out at -1.25 in each eye and -1.00 with both eyes according to my log

Thank you! All credit goes to Jake

Good work, those lower diopters are tough and you make good headway, kudos!

They sure are tough but it’s all good, with time I will eventually get there so no need to stress about it, cheers!

I wonder if anyone else on here is at a similar stage?

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Well, @MattE is, not sure about others, @WxClimb might be