📲 v1.3: Diopters Are Back! 😆 iOS Screen Distance Meow-suring App

:calling: Updated: Our iOS Screen Distance Meow-suring App

Main change, no longer need an account to measure (to save as a log though, you can create an account). Various small changes and fixes, and likely new bugs. :grimacing::+1:t2:

Note that it only works on iPhones with Face ID hardware.

Wishlist thread: iPhone Measuring App: Feature Wishlist 👍

The app is now part of the core rotation of to-do items. Meaning it’ll hopefully get very regular updates and I’ll be looking for your feedback and ideas and grumblings.

Expect things to be buggy and features missing as with all things endmyopia. :grimacing::+1:t2:


If we do find bugs, should we report them on this thread, or the feature wishlist thread?

I’d say … wishlist.

Will get maybe more organized eventually. :smiley:

Well, version 1.1 sure is a mess.

I’ve been telling the dev and he’s been saying, seems fine.

After a lot of back and forth it came to light that he was using an emulator, didn’t actually own a Face ID hardware device. :laughing:

So endmyopia just helped sponsor him a newer iPhone, so we’re now on the same page as far as what bugs we’re actually looking at. He’s a great guy and as usual I’m putting ambition and drive and attitude above details like having the right tools and not doing the ole “fake it till you make it”.

Invest in potential, I always like to say.

Hopefully a new version with lots of fixes, available soon.


1.2 is out. Measuring is fixed, new bugs are introduced all over everything else. :smiley:


Cool :slight_smile: Thanks for getting it fixed so quick! Just need non blue-on-black targets to measure from and it’d be perfect :slight_smile:

As a work around I’m opening a browser with my desired target on it, using that to get the right distance, then flip to the app. That way I get measurements with the target I’m looking for (non blue-on-black :slight_smile: ) as accurate as my hand is steady :slight_smile:

Well … far as ever from perfect. :smiley:

Blue on black?

The text just next to the camera is blue font on a black background. Really useful for determining how sharply the eye sees blue :slight_smile:

Interesting. I only get a white background. :joy:

There is a plot twist to have that top area with the focus words be a variety of options. I sneakily even considered an in-app payment option for duochrome tests and such. :moneybag: :grimacing:

Ah I apparently have my iphone set to dark mode that’s likely why it’s blue on black. Switching to light mode increases my far distance by 0.25D =)

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Ahhhh, dark mode.

It’s really fascinating how many endless steps are involved in the simplest of undertakings.

“Oh let’s just throw this together real quick-like, get it to measure, then add features”.

7 months (and a ton of money) later, a barely functioning super basic measuring app is in the store. :joy:

Upcoming v1.3 updates:

  • Cleaner Graphs with Bar Graphs Grouped by Date
  • Sorting By Highest to Lowest and Newest to Oldest
  • The History List and Graphs are now all in DPT format, so no more confusion and messy data. Please if you see any cm, mm or m in your previous data please delete them to avoid confusion.
  • There are now each separate value fields for measurement and dpt.
  • Environment and Type of Day can now also be recorded
  • You can now efficiently delete all your data by batch or select all.
  • You can now Manually Enter your Measurement by Date and type metric unit
  • You can now view the details of your measurement in a much detailed manner.
  • You can now Measure without any distractions on the Measurement Value plus tap the unit of measurement without having to go to settings.
  • Measurements are now corrected.
  • dpt are now in 0.25 incremental
  • Disabled darkmode in the app
  • Left eye and Right Eye visibility now changes depending on the selected eye.
  • Measurements now in 1 decimal value so that it wont look too distracting.
  • Minor Bug fixes and UI enhancements

Most interesting is that you can now look at results in diopter values again. :wink:


I’m getting this when trying to use the app.

There’s a typo when choosing measurement units, ‘Millemeter’ instead of ‘Millimeter’.

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Italian millimeters? Mille gracie! (for pointing out the spelling issue)

Super excited about 1.3 which will let you pick diopters as default measuring interval on the measuring screen. Aiming for tiny victories!


Gonna have a new phone by the end of the month, looking forward to playing with the app :grinning:


Yup yup. Now you can just pick diopters from the dropdown.

Just released into the app store today.

Probably reasonable to say, good example of why persistence in the face of adversity is often useful. When Apple rejected the original app, lot of commenters in Facebook said, “just go to Android bro”.

Which is pretty much how life goes for a lot of people. Pick the route of least resistance. Let them tell you what can’t be done.

Obviously this wasn’t a big deal, but every time people do that “oh just quit then” thing, I really want to go on a long speech of how those are usually the exact defining moments of where you’re going to take your life-ship.

But I just :zipper_mouth_face: mostly. Nobody needs a lecture.

Really the point and yay-moment: DIOPTER MEASURING IS IN THE APP STORE, FINALLY.

That’s just the start.

Now that you can measure and store diopter data, we can move on to putting that data into context, especially with the oodles and mountains of content we have. Imagine being able to measure, and the app suggesting what you may want to read or watch, where to start or go to next, connect with fellow myopes at similar moments of their journey … and lots more that we can all come up with.

Probably going to have to start hard-selling some courses at some point, pay for all this fancy dreaming. :grimacing::+1:t2:

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Maybe I missed something … is your phone older than iPhone X?

Awesome!! I guess I have to update my app to get the new feature, so exciting. On my tween daughter’s phone since I’ve got a 6

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Yeah, this phone was.

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So is -4.75 diopeters the max it will read? I’m around -8 so when I move the phone closer to read the ‘focus’ word it stops measuring. Also right eye seems to point to left eye…